Thursday, May 12, 2016

Somewhere there

After our morning dip and splash in Matang Family Park, we drove back to Matang-Batu Kawa road for lunch.

We passed by this roadside shop when on our way to Matang and we had set our mind to stop there for lunch after the outing.

You Fook Seafood, Batu Kawa

The rain started to pour down as we were almost at this roadside eatery. The eatery is called You Fook Seafood.

It is just after this row of shops (where 100% is located) but on the opposite side. Anyhow, it is somewhere there; you wouldn't miss it as it is by the roadside.

You Fook Seafood's operating hours are 10am-1pm and 4pm to 10pm except Tuesday which only opens at night.

Very simple old shop design; and it feels like you are in the rural area. It is not the case here as very near to Batu Kawa old town.

You could see the kitchen and the cook in action. As I were saying, we were having our lunch at the roadside, which you could see the passing cars. It is a busy road, even during holidays. The rain getting heavier while we were having our lunch there.

Saw some free-range chickens hang to dry so we thought of a dish of free-range chicken. 

Our dishes came out pretty fast. First to come was this stir-fried midin with belacan. We loved it! Very crunchy and flavourful.

Next was this salted fish pork belly. So so good and delicious. The meat was tender and rich of salted fish.

Their signature fried beancurd with minced meat sauce was good too. My kids developed love for beancurds lately so it has been a must-order dish for us when we dine out.

Last but not least, the free-range chicken with ginger. I always love free-range chicken. Its meat is tasty but tough and chewy. We couldn't finish the chicken so we packed it for dinner that day.

By the time we finished our lunch, it was almost 1.30pm and they started to close the shop. By then, the rain has stopped too. For us to pay up and leave. Plus drinks, our lunch costs RM74.60. 

It is not far; about 15 minutes drive from our house. We will be back.


suituapui said...

LOL!!! Must make sure one pronounces the name properly. Muahahahaha!!!!

Food sure looks good - sometimes these old school places are a lot nicer than those grand, impressive looking restaurants. We always order that tofu dish also, very nice.

Phong Hong said...

I also love free range chicken. It is very delicious steamed although the meat is tougher.

Princess Ribbon said...

The midin indeed looks very crunchy.. Yummzz.. I've eaten cold ones with lime+belacan, sedap...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves the beancurd with minced mea...

Ez Vina said...

Nice, i want to go try too. Thanks for sharing.

mun said...

Of all the dishes, I like the midin dish best! Good meal for all of you and got takeaway chicken for another meal too.