Saturday, May 14, 2016

Double Happiness

No, no one is getting married or anything. Just that the name of this cafe is called Double Happiness.

This cafe has been in my to-try list for quite sometime but every time I gone there, it was either too crowded or no parking space. Not much of a happy thing to me.

Heard of good comments on this Double Happiness Cafe; they serve more and better food choices and this shop is definitely a crowd puller from the surrounding coffee shops.

One thing for sure, the owner must be smiling from ear to ear, full of double happiness (like the cafe's name) on how good his business is. Some day the place is so full till you have to sit under the sun to eat there.

There are few tables placed on the pavement for those who would not mind sitting under the sun and passing cars. Definitely not me!

Ok. So what is the fuss here? What's good to eat in this cafe?

I am not too sure though.  They have almost the same food as everyone else, so I guess we need to give them a try to compare.

For starting, my friend and I tried the Foochow stall. We both went for something soupy that morning. Dian bing hu for my friend while I went for red wine chicken mee sua.

The dian bing hu was plain, so my friend needed to add some Chinese red wine to taste. As for mine, I think it was alright.

My friend recommended the nyonya kuih here as they are delectable and fresh. But we both were too full so we did not try any.

Photo courtesy of my friend

For lunch, I tapau-ed a pack of nasi lemak with chicken curry from this stall and chicken rice from the stall next to it.

And only after I paid, did I realised an old classmate operating the nasi lemak stall. She was in the stall cooking with her back facing me so I did not see her earlier.

We had a chit chat and knew she has been doing this for more than a year now. I think since leaving secondary school, we did not meet up other than update in FB! Very happy to bump into an old classmate!

Her nasi lemak with chicken curry (RM5) was good. Maybe the rice could be more lemak and sambal could be spicier but I guess it fits those who does not take too spicy food. But the chicken curry was good although it was oily. I like the curry.

And the kids' lunch of roasted chicken rice (RM5).

I wouldn't mind coming back to give other food a try if I could find good parking and table. So, till then.


suituapui said...

OMG!!! Sit in the sun? No, thank you! I would rather go some place else. Nothing special - everything can be found elsewhere and some may even be nicer.

Wahhhhhh!!! Your old kawan did not belanja you makan the nasi lemak free kah? Hehehehehe!!!!!

Phong Hong said...

So you finally got a chance to try the food and also met an old classmate. To me that is also considered double happiness :)

Nancy Chan said...

Double happiness, nice name for the cafe. No thanks to sitting under the sun. Looks like a lot of variety of kuih to choose from.

Sherry said...

hehe sit in the sun, there is one dim sum restaurant puchong like this sit outside if indoor no space.

mun said...

I will go for the red wine chicken mee sua but I won't sit in the sun because it is too hot. Is your friend happy to see you?

Irvine Chin said...

i see quite a lot of happiness there!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

It is indeed happiness as to bump into an old classmate, hehe...

Merryn said...

No way I will be sitting in the sun in our country.

It's nice to bump into an old classmate like this. Your classmate did not share about her nasi lemak stall on FB?

Sharon D said...

It is always lovely to bump into an old friend. Yummy meal, Rose. I'm with you on the parking. I wouldn't enjoy going round and round looking for a spot. I'd have left!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Unlike KK, one thing I like about Kuching is there are plenty of variety under one roof. Sometimes I so scare to go back Kuching cause I tend to put more weight eventhough I back for less three days.

Nasi Lemak with curry chicken for RM5 is still affordable cause last week I just bought that for like RM7 in KK.

Libby said...

I felt very happy when I bump into my old schoolmate on the streets too