Friday, May 6, 2016

Early celebration

Last Sunday we went to Cafe Cafe for a lunch cum car wash service after church service. It was actually an early celebration of Mother's Day for me. And a treat for Jan for passing her piano practical exam last month with a merit (score of 135/150). And of course, a little indulgence for hubby as it was Labour's Day as well. Thank you, hubby for an utterly delightful lunch.

While waiting for our food to arrive, I took a snap of the surrounding. Love the full shelves and the blue doors. So many stuffs they kept in there; couldn't help peeping.

I gone for something healthy that afternoon as I had this healthy drink which is a blend of orange, apple, carrot and celery. Quite pricey for RM13.90 per glass though.
Healthy drink

The first to come was this spaghetti marinara (RM19.90) for Jay. He ate most of it. Sweet and creamy with that hint of sour cream, and it was good. No wonder Jay loves it.

Spaghetti marinara

Fish N Chip for my girl. Her favourite Western food. A big platter for RM23.90.

Fish N Chip

Next was the salad. Hubby ordered this refreshing and heap of green in Lamb salad with orange salsa (RM22.90). I don't really fancy the sweet lamb cutlets served in the salad. Tasted like char siew to me.

Lamb salad with orange salsa

And here was my plate of grilled lamb for sharing. Nice presentation; look appetizing too. But the lamb chop was over seasoned that day. Too salty for my liking. But I loved its chunky potato mash with tuna. Overall, a big portion for RM30.90.

Grilled lamb with mint vinaigrette

That is. My Mother's Day lunch treat. A week earlier though. *wink*

Wishing all mum bloggers and readers, Happy Mother's Day!


reana claire said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose! So you celebrated it earlier... smart lady.. most of the restaurants will be full this weekend too..

Nancy Chan said...

Good to celebrate before the actual day to avoid the crowd. I like Jay's lunch, sounds yummy!

Nancy Chan said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Sharon D said...

Happy Mothers' Day, Rose! You're doing an amazing job. Big hug!

suituapui said...

I like that blue & white plate. Not a fan of CafeCafe in Sibu, have not been for a long long tome now. Happy Mother's Day!!!

mun said...

Congrats to Jan! Happy Mother's Day to you!

Yannie said...

Happy Mother's day to you.

Merryn said...

That 3rd picture. The white and blue plate. It's so beautiful! Arthur will love it lots as he is fond of white and blue plates.

Happy Mother's Day to you and Congratulations Jan :)

Libby said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose.

Looks like a satisfying meal for all of you.

Wow congrats and well done Jan.

Phong Hong said...

Happy Mothers Day, Rose! Actually it is a good idea to celebrate earlier. I bet most places would be crowded today. Love the food you all had!

ChrisAu said...

Happy Mother's Day ! Great food there !!

Yee Ling said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Rose. Being a mom to 3 kids is not easy but the journey certainly has been rewarding.