Saturday, May 16, 2015


Want to peek at what we did today?

It is a quiet Saturday since hubby is on a day trip to KL.

After sent him off to airport in the morning, I stay at home with the kids as Jan needs to study for her exam next week. 

For lunch, I had this pizza take-away from Pizza Hut. Their new square pan pizza promotion. Pepperoni Perfetto is our latest favourite.

Pizza does not come in round pan!

Jay has improved in his spelling, I am proud to say. Although his writing is less desirable but I am happy that he shows more enthusiasm in learning. Of course with some appropriate rewards, he scores well in his weekly spelling.

So today like any other days spent on teaching him spelling in all 3 languages. Oh boy! I am as stressed as he is, in learning languages.

Of course, all day's work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! There was time when the kids get to play and have a little fun today.

Playing dough

And in the evening we went for a stroll in the park before we went for dinner at my parents' house. Everyone was sweaty after the little work out.

And gung gung was so good to treat the kids to ice cream.

Alright, time to log off. It is bed time. I am actually drafting this post while waiting for my hubby. Watching tv at the same time.

Kids have gone to dreamland more than an hour ago. Hubby came back a while ago, so I guess everyone would be waking up pretty late tomorrow.

Good night!!


mun said...

Keep up the good work Jay! Good way to spend Saturday is with family. :D

Anonymous said...

My girl goes to PH once in a while - cheaper now, just 6% more ++, the +6% and +10% that they had before.

No worries. Boys are usually not that good with languages and arts subjects - girls are better. I was an arts stream student though. Hehehehe!!!!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow..a day trip to kl. I've never done that. But a friend of mine went to korea for one nigjt 2 days recently. He went there just for his scholarship interview.

Princess Ribbon said...

Oooo pizza lunch, nice.. We ordered Domino's pizza for dinner last week too..

ChrisAu said...

How come you hubby needed to work on weekends. I thought usually folks come back on weekends!
Nice Sat you have there. :)

Rose said...

He has a seminar from 2 to 6pm. He was not planning to stay a night so fly in the morning and fly back at night.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Has not eaten pizza for quite sometimes...

Merryn said...

Well done Jay. Keep it up.

Best nyer dapat ice-cream! I love ice-cream and anything cold :)

Yee Ling said...

Square pizza! hehhe

The best time for the the kids is when rewarded with ice cream.

Emily Tang said...

wow ah gung belanja ice cream
i can see how happy the kids