Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy day to me

Being a mother is the toughest job in the universe! No pay, no rest, on stand by 24-hours, no sick leave, a job that no one can take it for granted and it is a permanent job once you apply for it till your last breath!

With my firstborn

I have been a mother for 9 years now and every bitter sweet of motherhood is a lifetime experience that money can't buy. So it is not really a "job" in that pretext but something you choose to be. Raising someone you opted to bring to this world is a privilege, and calling it something else is ignorant and condescending.

Today, like any other days because I still tend to their needs and getting the house running. But I get some surprise elements and more hugs and kisses than usual from my family. They appreciate what I do for them and on this day, they make me feel special. It makes all the sacrifices and sweats more worthy.

And I have being a full time stay-at-home-mum for more than 2 years now. A great achievement for me, but believe me, some day I wish for a different scenario. Have a career, earn own money and pay for someone to look after the kids. But I have no regret with my decision to be a SAHM. It makes me stronger beyond my imagination and I grow closer with my children than before.

My Mother's Day breakfast - mee suah soup

A Mother's Day photo with my precious

Wall mural opposite the Taman Budaya's carpark

This morning before church, we drove to the Reservior Park (Taman Budaya) for a walk. The kids were happy. Well, Mother's Day isn't just about me (mum). The kids are a big part of me; without them, there would not be any Mother's Day for me. They enjoyed the short walk and sun.  And what matters the most is that they are happy. They are happy and I am happy too.

This evening, my hubby took charge of the kitchen and cooked us dinner. 

Grilled lambs in rosemary sauce; and salad with bacon bits in low-fat venaigrette

Accompanied by a glass of red wine

At least he did the cleaning and dishes too so I basically just sit down and relax (although it was hard on my part as I cannot stand him taking charge of my territory for few hours! Lol!)

Did I receive any gift today? You bet. Another perfume from dearest to add to my fragrance collection.

And Jay gave me his school's craft too few days ago.

This morning my girl presented me her hand-made card and wrote a poem and song for me.



Happy Mother's Day to me, my mum, my mum-in-law, sis-in-law, cousins and my fellow blogger mums! Hope you girls have a Happy Day today.


Nancy Chan said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Rose. Thank you for sharing about your motherhood experience. Whatever it is, I think we wouldn't want to change our job as a mother for any other.

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose!

ChrisAu said...

Wow..... Happy mother's day!

Merryn said...

Nice Mother's Day you had Rowena. Happy Mother's Day to you and many more wonderful years growing with your lovely kids :)

Linda said...

Great post, Rose. Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

mun said...

What a lovely day for you and your family! You are truly blessed to have such a great husband and good children. Good to hear that you and your family enjoyed this day very much.

Libby said...

You are blessed Rose.

On Mother's Day, my mom wanted to eat Chilli Crab so I dabao for her

Huai Bin said...

Nice dinner by your husband!

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose. :)

Agnes said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Your kids and hubby are very thoughtful..

Princess Ribbon said...

Happy Mother's Day, yep, being a SAHM is more tiring.. You are a supermom :)

Small Kucing said...

Sweet :)

Yea it's a tough job but it has its perks :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

suituapui said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day greetings. Wahhhhh!!!! Got mee sua! Your hubby cooked too? I cooked for my missus' birthday that day - chopped the chicken till my hand all blisters. Tsk! Tsk!

Hmmm...looks like your hubby is a good cook - can put some of those cafes and restaurants to shame.

Yee Ling said...

Happy Mother's Day Rose.

I know the journey has not been easy...but is well worth because the kids are our precious. We holding them forever.

stardust said...

Belated Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mother is one of the most creative and heartwarming tasks I’ve ever done. It’s not easy and can be difficult at times but brings lots of joy altogether and I think I have grown and learned a lot by childrearing. Treasure the priceless time with your loved children. Thanks for your visit.


Shirley Tay said...

Very inspiring post, dear! I love being a mom & it's so rewarding watching our kids grow.....

Azura Chan said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Rose!

Sharon D said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rose. You have a sweet family! ^.^