Friday, May 1, 2015

In the 'hood

Just less than 5-minute drive from my house is this food court. Next to Klinik Kesihatan Batu Kawa (Batu Kawa Medical Clinic), this food court has some nice food that I would come back for.

Used to be surrounded with green and not many concrete in this particular part of the city but now, every where are houses and shoplots. And when people mentioned the name "Batu Kawa" or "Stapok", it used to be a jungle or rural side of the town many years ago. Now? Hardly but we still could see some greens along the road. Just that more concrete on roadsides and more cars on the bigger and improved road.

When we were at Xing Xing Food Court last Sunday, it was pretty packed and luckily we managed to get a table. I needed my daily dose of teh c. Love this traditional cup and saucer as not many food courts in Kuching have their tea or coffee served in them.

Teh C

Some commented about the best curry mix rice was from here so I just have to give it a try. I know, it may not be your typical breakfast menu but being an Asian, we tend to take rice for breakfast. I can have chicken rice, pork leg rice, nasi lemak for breakfast so this was nothing. Just that maybe it was slightly early for spicy food to upset your tummy. ^^

The curry mix rice was good, I have to agree with them. The best? Maybe not but it was good. Curry gravy was quite thick and spicy. It is worth the price as it was a very big serving with chunky meats. I enjoyed its crispy roasted pork. I did not taste the chilli dipping as the curry was spicy enough for me. If you want to add a fried egg to your curry mix rice, it would just cost you another RM1.

RM5.00 Curry mix rice

My sis had its Western breakfast set. She is never into those usual breakfast food so this set served her well.
RM5.00 Western breakfast

Jan had roti telur. It was nice. Crispy and buttery. Even when it turned cold, it was still crispy and tasty. I also heard many positive comments on the roti canai stall.

RM2.00 roti telur

Business was a brisk for the roti canai stall and we waited quite long for our order to come. Nevertheless it was very nice and worth the waiting.

Not so sure what got into Jay that morning, he wanted to have porridge for breakfast. So I ordered this pork porridge for him. He liked it. I also think it was good. Better than other places that I have been to.

RM4.00 Pork porridge

It was an enjoyable breakfast. We seated at the pavement (our table is right in front of the roti canai stall), which I personally think was cooler than seated in the food court.

I came back another day to try its fried food stall. Saw many people ordered the tomato kuaw tiaw last Sunday. Initially I wanted that but the lady behind the stall told me I needed to wait for more than 30 minutes because of many orders so I decided not too.

RM5.00 tomato kuaw tiaw

So few days ago, I came here for its tomato kuaw tiaw. You can request you want sweet or sour flavour but that day, I went for the sweeter sauce. The sweetness was bearable; unlike in other places where the gravy is too sweet for your tastebuds. This gravy was just nice. Very well fried and I love it. It was good.

And what's better than an awesome breakfast is a well-behaved toddler who minds his own business and eats his meal. Here Jamie was enjoying his sausage and hash brown set from the Western stall. 

I would come back here to try other dishes. My friend said the fried noodle was nice too. So, that would be in my to-try list. Another day. After all, it is just right in the hood. 


Nancy Chan said...

I have not tasted Tomato Kuaw Tiaw yet. Just wondering how it will taste like. Looks like a very yummy breakfast and the food court serving so many tasty varieties.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, I was there few times already. I like the fact that you can easily find parking there. The foodcourt is new n clean too.

Sharon D said...

I'm dying for a taste of the curry mix rice. It looks so yummy, Rose!

ChrisAu said... to a clinic also got so many nice food. Usually, you won't find good food around clinics or hospitals area.

Anonymous said...

Your western breakfast looks a lot better than mine...but mine is cheaper. See tomorrow's post. LOL!!!

mun said...

Right in the hood means right in the neighbourhood? Many people take curry noodle or assam laksa for breakfast - a spicy start to the day. Here in KL, I have not seen roast pork rice or roast chicken rice that is then drenched with curry gravy like what you had.

Linda said...

Looks like a great place, Rose! :)

Princess Ribbon said...

The curry mix rice banjir gravy looks good..I also like Western bfast, yummmzzz that hash brown..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Mine daily dose is kopi, hehe...

Agnes said...

Food court is the place where varieties of food are served. Teh C looks tasty, it's one of my favourite drink.