Saturday, May 30, 2015

In A.D. 1928

This is a place that one least expected to find food, much more an authentic Indian cuisine. This old house was turned into a restaurant more than a year ago. It is operated by Ammah Curry House which used to be located in Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce before they moved to Ban Hock Road . and now they are here! Wonder where have they gone to after the Ban Hock road shop closed down and we could not locate them.

Hubby came for lunch few days ago and he was impressed with its interior. So he brought me and kids here for lunch today.


Located opposite Amphitheatre Taman Budaya, this old house is not hard to miss as it is on top of a hill overseeing Amphitheatre and Civic Centre. Where the Society Atelier Sarawak is. I believe this house is called Rumah Masra.

Love this bar decoration. And this was what hubby had the other day! Authentic banana leaf rice with mutton curry.

It is not easy to find good authentic Indian food in Kuching given the small Indian community here.

So on our visit today, I must try its banana leaf biryani rice. And the kids get to enjoy some Indian food as they were pretty confuse at first on using hand to eat. Of course we were playing a joke on them and ordered cutleries to eat.

My iced teh tarik in cute stainless steel mug.

Hubby and I have mutton curry to go with our biryani rice. They serve the food not on plate but on pieces of banana leaves.

I love my mutton curry. The curry was flavourful and meat was tender. 

Same goes with biryani.

For the kids, their biryani rice goes with fried chicken. I tasted the meat and I like it. Not tough and dry. Tasty with spices but not so overwhelmingly.

The vegetable dishes today is stir fried long beans, potatoes and prickled cucumber.

Total damage for our late lunch. 

We arrived there around 2pm and luckily there were not many patrons.  Mostly were Indian patrons so we felt like we were in an Indian restaurant. But not so Indian touch on the interior. I believe they wanted to maintain the design of the house, which I am grateful of. I always intrigued by these old houses and mansions but not many are standing around here now.


Shirley Tay said...

Such a lovely treat & I've to admit the place looks nice! xoxo

suituapui said...

Must KIV this place, will surely drop by when I go to Kuching...

Princess Ribbon said...

My favorite gotta be that mutton curry, place looks nice..

Nancy Chan said...

Hubby and I love banana leaf biryani rice and mutton curry. Something different serving drink in stainless steel mug and in a cute one too. Everything looks so neat and clean. The veggie too looks nice and yummy.

mun said...

Banana leaf rice! I like! Very classy the surroundings, full of ambiance.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Seeing the curry makes me crave for it...

Asiah said...

This is the house where I grew up in back in early 70's. Then, it was all painted the typical white-washed paint and black beams. Brought a lot of wonderful memories here. When I'm back in Kchg, shall make it a point to visit your restaurant, am sure will shed a tear of two reminiscing back the years when we were living in this house...:)