Saturday, May 2, 2015

Into the woods

What did you do on Labour's Day? For us, we became the tourists in our own city!

We ran away from the city's hustle and bustle and got ourselves in the middle of a wildlife centre.

Entrance fee: RM10 (adult) & RM3 (children aged 6 to 18)

A copy of map

Matang Wildlife Centre, part of Kubah National Park, is about 35km from Kuching. It is the home for all protected species as well as orang utans.

Admiring a tree

Be careful of the slippery planks

Those thorny plants

Interesting pattern of the crawling tree

It was a great experience as we get to be close to the nature.  Something the children would appreciate and learn.

Looking up

Enjoying himself

We did not planned to stay longer there, so all those walking last us about 1.5hours. We were given a map so we strolled the whole park on our own. Albeit the warm sun, we were able to catch the orang utans and other wild animals.

A dominant male orang utan asking to be fed!

Rhinoceros Hornbill


And we also get to dip into this cooling stream. Nice spot for bbq and picnic. We spotted fishes too!

Red trunk trees at the side of the stream

Can you see the little fishes?

The best part after that?? An epic afternoon nap. Everyone was knocked out after back from the woods.


Nancy Chan said...

I too love wildlife park. Crawling tree looks like snake. Orang utan looks so relaxed and I love the stream. I too will be knocked out after such an outing. Great post.

reana claire said...

Very productive day, Rose! I spent my day in the house.. as usual lazying around... :)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I found your blog after visiting Nancy's.. I enjoyed your photos and visit to the wildlife center. Looks like a fun place.. Have a happy day!

mun said...

How fun to visit a nature park with the whole family! Can see that even Jamie enjoyed himself! What a beautiful park.

Merryn said...

That looks like a nice place to be. I wanted to bring the kids to KL Bird Park but is afraid of the crowd. So ended up jalan jalan in the mall which is no difference or maybe even worse where the crowd is concern >_<

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I hope they maintain the place well. When my girl was small, there was a very nice agricultural park in Sibu - nobody goes there anymore, I think...if it is still around. At that time, already showing signs of neglect, nobody taking care of it.

Princess Ribbon said...

So nice the park, good family outing, nice.. Labour's day? We just stayed at home :(

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves this place...

Shirley Tay said...

How fun, dear! Love being tourist in my own city too :D

Libby said...

Labour Day I went visiting the temples and the bookshop, you would have read it in my blog

Azura Chan said...

Been there like ten years ago. Lovely shots you got there. The orang utan looks like sulking. hehe

Emily Tang said...

such a nice place
the orang utan so cute

Yee Ling said...

Loving the nature feel.So happy to see the photos you shared here.