Saturday, November 1, 2014

The chocolate antidote

Remedy to cure our chocolate craving? More chocolate indulgence, of course! ^^

We went to Noodle House on Monday for some chocolate remedy. Let start off with our chocolate infused drinks.  This Chocolate Godzilla was my kids' favourite.

And I went for the banana chocolate oreo smoothie. Very filling and I am always into banana smoothie.

Okay, this is definitely my favourite dessert in Noodle House. Chocolate mille crepe. And kids love this rich chocolate flavour crepe too.

My girl could not help but bite into this kaya and butter toast when it arrived so as you can see, missing one slice in the photo. ^^

I learnt from Suituapui that they have this peri-peri chicken (RM25.90) which I were dying to try. And I did when we dropped by early this week. After taking all those chocolate-y sweeties, I were looking forward to this hot & spicy chicken. 

When was the last time I had peri-peri? Few years back in Nando's with my SIL in KLCC. Remember how tender the meat was as well as it was robust with the sweet and spicy peri-peri sauce. However my all time favourite would be from Victoria's Arm, Merdeka Palace Kuching. Wonder they still serve this dish or not? Used to go there when I were single and a party girl. ^^

Back to this Noodle House's peri-peri, I thought it was good. The chicken was tender and I could detect the spiciness in the sauce. I liked the potato gratin that came with it, which was creamy and soft.

I were trying hard to finish my half a chicken portion as well as helping myself to few spoonful of mille crepe and finishing my smoothie. So you could imagine how full I were. I had enough of chocolate antidote for time being! Lol! And my kids would agree with me on that matter too.


Anonymous said...

You did not try the chocolate lava cake? Heavenly!!!

Azura Chan said...

choco heaven! I remember being a choc fan during pregnancy. Now, back to normal. hehe.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves that piece of cake!!!

Shirley Tay said...

I'm not a fan of banana, but choc & oreo make me weak. Hahaha! I'm back from my trip & resuming my blog hopping!

Ez Vina said...

Wahhh all so nyummy!

mun said...

Wow, the food looks good. Now I want to eat millicrepe after looking at your photo.