Friday, November 14, 2014

Going home + transition begins

We are going back to Kuching tomorrow. A cousin is getting married this Sunday so we move back instead of later date.

We have stayed in Sibu for a year and 4 months and 15 days, and one cannot imagine how one can accumulate so much stuff! 
My car was packed with stuff!

Too much house cleaning and packing for past few days till I have blisters on my palms! Ouch! My dearest hubby even has the heart to tease me. Said I seldom do so much house chores till I could get blisters on my palms! Damn! I did all the cleaning, mopping, packing and moving while he did nothing! Must be the new mop that I used last week in Kuching. Should wear gloves but did not think about it, too much to do. ^^

This week has been on nothing but packing and stuffing my car to be shipped back to Kuching. Astro contractor has dismantled the dish and decoder so I can bring back to Kuching and get the Kuching contractor to connect it back.

Regardless of our conundrum, we have decided this is the best for the kids. I am happy that we are finally going home, although hubby will be stationed in Miri and travelling a lot in the central region of Borneo. We probably be seeing him once a month when he is back for meeting or taking a leave. Just hope one day he will be able to transfer back to Kuching. Hope that day would not be long.

For now, I will be busy with settling ourselves down and making everyone comfortable with the new transition especially little Jamie.

Okay, I shall update when we are in Kuching. Need to get ready for Jay's graduation concert which is starting at 7pm this evening. No, he is in K1 and another year before he is officially graduated from kindergarden. Jay has few stage performances to perform tonight. Got the kids to nap otherwise it would be so tiring as I remember how late the concert finished last year.

Have a great weekend, guys!


Princess Ribbon said...

Oohh Jay's concert is in the evening? Thought would be in the morning. Oh yes make sure you wear a glove nex time during mopping..

Sharon D said...

Have a great weekend, Rose and all the best to Jay!

It always amazes me how much housework there is to be done every other week...moving or not. I'm with you on accumulating so many things! ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

You too have a great weekend ya...

mun said...

Wishing you a smooth time moving back. Oh, I thought Jay graduating already but still one year to go.

I think this is the best too because if your husband is going to be travelling very frequently, even if all of you move to Miri with him, he will be travelling most of the time and not at home so better to stay in own house in Kuching. Hopefully he can be transferred back to Kuching eventually,

suituapui said...

Ahhhhh!!!! I see the fan! On its way to Kuching! Hehehehehe!!!!

Small Kucing said...

when i saw the hand in FB i thought hmfd. Blisters so teruk. Hmmm....maybe it's not the mop. could be the cleaning products causing allergy. Hope by not the blisters are all better now.

Small Kucing said...

*by now

Shirley Tay said...

Guess you must be pretty excited! Hope everything goes well with your transition, dear. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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