Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly review

Hi everyone! Another week has slipped from our grasp and here we are, another Sunday. The first Sunday of November. How has your week been? Hope it is a fabulous week. For us, it is a good week. Tired but good.

I have been deprived of sleep beginning of the week so most of the days, I were not in good mood. Some more waking up very early on Monday morning when I were only able to get a 4 hours sleep the night before was a torture!  On Monday I were basically a zombie going through the day!

Why Monday?

With her competing classmates

Jan had an English story-telling competition that day, so I had to bring her back to school after her lunch and shower as it started at 3pm. Of course, I stayed around to cheer for her during the competition. We did not stayed till the final contestants as there was over 30 students joining and she has to go to tuition. We only got to know the result the next day and she got 1st prize for her category! Well done, Jan.

Hubby was on his flying stint again, starting on Monday. He took a cab at 5am to go to airport to catch his plane to KL. He flew to Paris the following night. A tiring 13 hours plus flight, he tweeted back. He also sent back many beautiful photos of Paris and these are few of them. Can't wait to go there and see them myself some day. ^^

He has an enjoyable 1 week holiday sponsored by his company. We miss him but we will be seeing him tomorrow afternoon.

As for me, I managed to squeeze in a 2-hours for a facial on Wednesday morning. I even requested the lady to give more extra massage time on my face, head and shoulder after the facial. Felt great after that.

The weather has been very warm this week. There was heavy showers around noon but they could not wash away those heat! On Friday, it was worse with visible haze in the air!

And on one fine cooling evening I got to enjoy one of my comfort food. Seafood baked rice!

I know, it was very sinful but I do not have it all the times so it should be fine. I prefer my baked cheese rice with seafood as I love seafood.

Jay has finished his year end exam this week so I can breathe and relax a bit but the sister is going to have her exam next Thursday. I do not worry much about her as she is more independent and able to arrange her time and revise on her own.

You see, she still has a little time to spend on some craft. Recycling on used food can and manila cardboard and voila! A simple stationery case. An additional case to keep those pens and pencils. We do have a lot of stationery especially pencils. Jay tends to lose his pencils in school almost every day so I have no choice but to keep extra at home. ^^

That's it. Time to go to bed. Good night, everyone. 


mun said...

Congrats to your daughter! Where did you eat the seafood cheese bake? Did you make your own? Hope you have a good week ahead.

Merryn said...

Aww, I bet hubby is missing you and wishing you were there with him too. Congrats to Jan for winning the 1st prize. Very well done to her! I hope you'll get to go to Paris too one day :)

Princess Ribbon said...

Congrats to Jan, clever girl.. I love cheese baked rice too.. Anything cheese baked rice, like chicken chop, fish, pork fillet or seafood.. Good!

Rose said...

I have it outside. Never made baked rice before.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jan! The beginning of more successes to come in the years ahead. Too bad you're moving back to Kuching. A great loss for Sibu. She's a sweet girl, very proficient and confident. Keep it up!

You cooked your own baked rice? Or where did you have that? Looks good. Not in Noodle House, I'm sure - theirs in a bamboo basket one.

Rose said...

From Anson. I havent taste those from Noodle House.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Congratulations to Jan...

Tempted by the prawns in the baked rice...

Small Kucing said...

Bravo jan! well done!

aiyo...yummy prawns but i cant eat that yet

ChrisAu said...

Ask your hubby to plan another trip during the school holidays ..hhaaha

ChrisAu said...

Ask your hubby to plan another trip during the school holidays ..hhaaha