Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spent our Saturday

I were whatapps-ing with hubby on Saturday morning and I were surprised that he replied me back as it was just a little before 7am that day. Thought he would sleep through the Saturday morning in his hotel room in Miri but he told me he needed to do some paperwork so need to get up early and get done fast. 

After have few rounds of whatsapp-ing, I brought the kids to the nearby shop for breakfast. It was around 730am so it was not packed (which I like the best). Our noodles came in less than 5 minutes wait.

Jan has her usual bowl of kolo mee which came with mince meat and charsiew. I had its seafood noodle. Very fresh prawns and crispy deep fried fish fillets. I do not mind to have more of these prawns and fillets than those sliced meat. Lol.

I also ordered a cheng laksa (all ingredients without mee hoon) to taste. Love it so much!

By the way, I blogged about coffee shop before. I like its deep fried fish soup very much.

We stayed at home in the afternoon as the sun was very warm. Good day for laundry. That was what I did!!

School holiday is here so it means I need to crack my beautiful head to entertain my kids. Bring them here and there, let them relax and de-stress and venture into something fun.

So in the evening, we went to this building which open for business early this year, Megalanes Adventure World for a game of bowling and dinner with my parents, and sis.

Only me, Jan and my sis played. "Cuci longkang" more but at least we get to do some exercises right? Fingers exercise! ^^

We had dinner on the floor above the bowling alley thereafter. The Redpin Restaurant serves Indonesian and Western cuisine.

I ordered chicken chop set that comes with drink and soup (RM20). Reasonable price, I think.

My chicken chop that has separate black pepper sauce for you to dip or pour onto your chop!

Creamy mushroom with garlic bread

Big glass of Iced Ribena Sprite

Sis had its prawn pasta (RM17) which was tasty and well cooked.

Jan as usual, had fish and chips for RM15. Rather dry, I think.

My dad and mum each ordered ayam penyet rice (RM9.00 each). The chicken was not too dry but I thought the chilli dipping was good. Very spicy!

With full tummies, we headed home. My sis spent a Saturday night sleepover with us. Great to have her around. And she and I had a nice chit chat in the bed like the old days when we would hid in our blankets and talk. ^^


Somewhere in Singapore said...

The ayam penyet makes me crave for it, hehe...

suituapui said...

Wahhhhh!!!! Eat, eat, eat...sure not missing Sibu lah like that hor?

Libby said...
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Libby said...

I like the kolo mee

Princess Ribbon said...

Love all the food.. Makes me hungry now and want to make myself a cup of Milo after this.. haha.. Yep I also like to order another bowl of liew and soup, more satisfying..

mun said...

Good food and good company!

ChrisAu said...

hahha.... somehow I noticed you love kolo mee while STP likes kampua noodles.

Rose said...

In Sibu, none other than kampua. In Kuching, it is all about kolo mee. ;)

Azura Chan said...

I have never been to Megalanes. And I'm worst in Bowling. hehe..

Hayley said...

Seems like a very well spent Saturday for you guys!

The cheng laksa looks good!

Coffee Girl said...

Saturday was kinda hot in Kuching huh... did my laundry and washing baby clothes while i was at it. Lol

Sharon D said...

What a great Saturday, Rose! I love stayovers and long chit-chats with my GFs. Cheng laksa looks super yummy ^.^

Merryn said...

Awake at 7am? Goodness. I am still in dreamland. Weekend somemore..

Monica G. M said...

oh it all looks sooo good. i'll take the chicken chop with black pepper though.