Sunday, September 14, 2014

Couldn't get enough of it

This dish was worth mentioning and a post by itself!

The coffee shop has been there for a year now and yet I never been there till this week. Brought my cousin for breakfast on Monday and everyone agreed the noodle was great and so were the fish fillets.
kolok mee

I loved the soup very much that we came back for 2nd time on Saturday morning. This roind, hubby ordered its mix pork soup to try too.

Mix pork soup

Noodle has its elasticity; neither too soft nor too hard. The fish fillets were super tasty and fresh. We loved the soup very much.
fish fillet and home made fish balls soup

In Kuching, you either have Sarawak kolok mee or Sarawak laksa for breakfast. The tip is to find the right taste that fits you.
Choo Choo Cafe

Glad to be back to my own territory where people speaks Hakka dialect! lol.

In case you are wondering the location of this shop, it is in Batu Kawa MJC and the shop is facing the still under-constructed Papillion. What so unique about this Papillion? Heard it has a ramp in the centre of mall and you can drive your car into it but that for us to see once it is open.

After our breakfast, we went to Rubber road to buy some sio pau and yam puff to be given away to hubby's relatives. Having them for breakfast.


  1. Ok, noted. Never tried the Rubber Road sio pao and stuff, only the Kai Joo ones - they say they're related.

  2. I see mixed pork soup.. I love it, especially if only the 'liew'.. I always order a bowl of pork noodles, and add another of 'liew' only.. Sedappppp..

  3. I will loves the mix pork soup, can eat it on it's own without rice..

  4. Mix pork soup looks not bad, I had something similar last night during a wedding reception!

  5. I like the fish fillet soup. Now I feel like eating siew bao.

  6. Was that kampua noodles or kolo mee?

  7. Oh your description and picture just made me drool!

  8. haven't been exploring MJC area much.. no wonder I have never heard of Choo Choo Cafe.. hehehe...

    can't wait to read more about your Kuching Food posts when you're back ;)