Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not now

I went for a traditional Malay "urut" (massage) yesterday morning. Oh boy! I wonder I should go back there in 2 weeks time or not.

Recommended by my SIL, this was my first time went for urut after delivery. Heard it helps to expel wind and heal the womb, so I thought I give it a try. But when the urut guy (a man) started on my feet, I regretted my decision for a while. It was painful!! I almost jumped out from the bed.

The urut started from the feet and then legs and arms and hands. After that my back, face, head and lastly my tummy. The tummy part was the most painful when the urut was in progress. But after the 30-minutes massage, I felt good although some sores here and there.

It did not end there. In late afternoon, I felt some sores and pains on the tummy area. The wound area also in pain. So I was not in good mood last night because of discomfort and pain. Luckily I feel better after woke up this morning.

Supposed to join a friend for a dance exercise this morning but I did not go. Do not want to exert the pains more. Maybe I should not do anything vigoruos for now and let my body rests and wound really heal well.

Anyone went for any urut after delivery? Do you experience the same like I do? Maybe because I went for C-Section and it may not be good to do such activities at early stage?


Hayley said...

Oh you went for c-sec?
I heard should wait for about 3 weeks is better.
I went for natural birth so I called the urut lady to come over for the urut sessions on the 10th day after delivery.
To me the urut session is very relaxing and syok!

May be you need to find someone who is more professional?

Small Kucing said...

I didnt go or urut. But heard supposed to be pain and after that a lot of "wind" will come out

mun said...

I think should wait longer for the wound to heal before massaging the tummy area.

Sharon said...

God bless you, Rose. I don't think I'd have survived. I wonder if the tukang urut has a 'lite' version for ladies who don't prefer it too painful :)

suituapui said...

Urut's like that. If you don't do it regularly, it will be painful when you do...and the pain can last for a few days. That's the way it goes... Can tell the guy to do it lightly first but then it will not be effective.

::little projects in style:: said...

i did! :) and did it day one after c-sect! but i also got back in shape within 30 days! :)

Merryn said...

i did not.. dare not.