Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fullmoon and our first night

I just finished feeding and putting baby Jamie to sleep. Now I have some free time to pen this post before it is outdated. Hubby and the other kids gone to airport to pick my parents and sis who are coming over for a day trip. *wink*

Baby Jamie's fullmoon on Friday and we did it at home. Just a simple family dinner. Food mostly prepared by the confinement lady before she was off on Friday afternoon. I am happy with her service and enjoyed her cooking. Btw, her kacangma has improved a lot, so she has no problem cooking this dish now. And I even gave her packet of the herbs. *wink*

Our dinner of kacangma (motherwort chicken), black vinegar trotter and chicken soup

11 October also happened to be my BIL's birthday so we also celebrated it at home. The kids spent another night with gu gu and gu zhang in their home.

Gu Zhang is born in the Dragon Year, so that is the design of this year's cake for him.

My first night taking care of Jamie that night. The older kids were away so it was easier to take care of baby at night. He woke up 3 times for night feeding. I formula feed him during those night feed and only let him breast-feed during the days. Not much milk so I have to alternate with milk formula. It took me a while to put Jamie to sleep that night. Probably he has got used to the CL's scent and voice because at first he was making noises. After a while he was fine and fall asleep in my arms. The craddle was downstair and I was lazy to go up and down so I have to rock him to sleep in my arms. *wink* 


Sharon D. said...

Nice food and beautiful cake, Rose. Happy Sunday! ^.^

Coffee Girl said...

Happy First Moon baby Jamie! Hey nice cake!

Small Kucing said...

Your CL very good. Some wouldn't cook for the family let alone for full moon celebration.

Hayley said...

Haha that's a very 'special' cake there!

mun said...

Happy fullmoon to Jamie! What a fierce looking green cake! I would be afraid to eat it.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow! I like the cake!