Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My verdicts: Do's and Don'ts of Confinement

I know. My confinement has just over last week but thought of sharing some of my experiences with you guys. 

Going through 3 confinements, I am more or less expect and know what is practical and logical to follow during those hard (but bearable) moments after deliveries.

Time has changed since our ancentors in China who went through hardship, and endure different climates than us in Malaysia. Nowadays most mommies opt for C-section which is different than natural birth. C-Section is a major operation where most mommies do not go through natural labor pain and changes of bones structure during deliveries.

A friend of mine told me she immediately bathed herself after back from hospital. She had C-Section. Doctor even advised her to do so.

Alright, here are some do's and don'ts that I think is always in debate in this modern era. 100% my opinion so there is no right or wrong.

1. Washing

A famous myth is that you cannot touch water. Cold water in particular because it is believed by im contact with cold water, it will sip into your open pores and wind can enter your body.

I went around asking mommies that had C-Section and mostly commented that their doctors give them "Yes" sign to take bath and wash hair. Again because C-Section is different than natural birth.

I would go for the bath because it is illogical not to take bath for days after all you had beenthrough on the hospital bed.  I believe in hygience. You need to be clean and hygienic to take care of your newborn. I took the black herb bath from the 10th day onward. During the no-bath period  I would sponged and wiped my body with warm water-soaked towel. 

I washed my hands everytime I touch food and after toilet. I use warm water to wash them. I brushed my teeth with warm water on 3rd day after back from the hospital. Got reprimanded by my Cl but what the heck!! If one month I did not brush my teeth I think all my teeth will rot and gone by then. Lol.

2. Don't go out

Hibernating in the bedroom for a month can make someone goes crazy and emotional. It was no fun thing to do.

Although I would prefer to stay indoor than putting on 2 layers of clothing and wearing a cap out, I had choice but went out on my 16th day to do some important banking and bills because hubby was away that time.  I did feel a bit giddy and had waist ache after that. Maybe the body has not adjusted to the outdoor condition??

The Chinese believe in covering yourself to prevent wind from entering your body but it was pretty hard for me because in this house we are staying, the upstair toilet and bathroom are located at the balcony. So I have to brace some degree of wind sometimes. Lol.

3. Do not read or cry

Cannot watch tv, reading and cry during confinement because those activities will stress your eyes. I think moderation is the key point here. 

With nothing much to do since cooking, housework and taking care of baby are in the hands of CL, it is basically insane to stay sane all the times. It is alright to keep up with some reafing, DVD and online but if I started to feel tired or eyes were sore then I would stop and rest. 

I was emotional on first and 2nd week. Cried at small things. Those hormonal change after delivery. And I also take lots of wolfberries in this confinement.  Good for the eyes well-being.

4. Do not drink plain water

This come from belief that taking plain water will cause water retention.  The truth is there is no harm in drinking plain water. Warm that is.

I drink plain water when I take my medication and supplements. We need to keep ourselves hydrated because we sweat a lot, no thanks to the hormonal change and food we take.

5. Keep warm

Unless you are in winter country then you can put on warm clothes. In this humid country, it is not so practical unless you want to get heat stroke!!

I am grateful that I have air con that is good enough although not cooling. I wore comfy lomg pants and short sleeves during the days and at nights I wore longer sleeves. I do not wear socks since my bedroom floor is wooden tiles.

6. Lie down

My friend who had C-section told me that her doctor advised her not to lie down too much.  Instead she should walk and sit more.  Doctor even prescribed her 5-days injection to prevent DVT.  Very contradicting right?  If traditional culture, we should be resting and lie down more. 

I did rest more especially on 1st and 2nd week because of the wound pain.  From 2nd week onwards, I felt better and up more, but if starting to have back or waist pain then I will rest. 

To me, I think as long as you feel comfortable, you should do what ever you like but moderation must be practised. 


Sharon D. said...

Wise gems ~ thank you for sharing, Rose :)

Small Kucing said...

Yea me to mandi after c sect. Cannot stand it la. So sweaty .

mun said...

My maternal grandmother gave birth to 9 children and she followed the confinement rules strictly and now she is a healthy 97 years old lady and she says it is all due to following confinement rules strictly with good confinement food.

Hayley said...

Haha very nice sharing!
Things are very simplified and modern these days, lots of rules also got neglected already.

Blackswan said...

Love your confinement posts, Rose! Since I didn't obey any of the tradtional beliefs, it's really interesting to read about it.

suituapui said...

Yup, C not the same as natural. But have to be careful not to split the wound before it heals...

missyblurkit said...

Good post! I can't imagine not showering!