Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keeping well

I am still adjusting to the new motherhood of 3 children. Pretty hard because each child have their own demands.

I am grateful that my baby is been taken care by hubby's aunt who is a baby sitter for many years. At least it gives me some breathing time in the morning when all kids are not around me. And I have a small confession to make here. I may be a mother of 3, but I still not good in bathing young babies. Lol. It takes a lot of courages from me to bathe one. Most of the times I will get hubby to help me hold while I bathe my baby. *wink*

Morning I start my day around 530am. Need to prepare breakfast and snack boxes for the 2 older kids. Some days I would start earlier when I could not sleep anymore after feeding Jamie at such wee hour. I know I have panda eyes now because lack of sleep. So I have been putting on this eye mask twice this week. Lol.

In afternoon I would be busy with my eldest's tuition, music and homeworks. Either I spend whole afternoon guiding her through her school works or driving her to tuition and music centre. Her exam is coming and school holiday is a month away. My Jay is also having his exam in kindergarden this week. So stress! 4yo pre-schoolers also have class exams. Last time my eldest has assessment tests in Q-dees Kuching which I think were tough enough. Sigh!

In afternoon I would have some short naps before get ready my dinner. After a month off, I have to dust my apron and cook for the family. Slightly rusty if you ask me. *wink* Now I have to prepare my dinners few hours earlier. Because I would be busy driving on the roads picking all the kids up. No times to cook.

Sounds hectic ya? I don't have much times to blog hopping around. At night I would be too tired and need get all kids to beds. Baby's sleeping patterns still not consistent, waking up every 2 hours and some nights almost every hours! Hardly sleep well at nights.

Me and the baby blues. Will take few months before it can be normal again...But for now I have to look after the fort. Hubby is away (again) for 3 nights, so I have to hold on and be strong for my kids till he is back on Saturday.


Hayley said...

Well, being a mother is surely not an easy job, but mothers are all capable of this, hehe~

Jia you!!

Ez Vina said...

oohh I can imagine!

suituapui said...

No family/relatives here? Quite hard trying to cope on one's own especially when hubby's not home. But you'll get by...and you'll get used to it - will only make you to handle things yourself.

Sharon D. said...

You're amazing, Rose. I'm cheering for you *\o/*

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I can imagine how busy it is to take are of 3 children. And I guess they make your life full of reasons to live happily. You are such a great mom.

mun said...

Well, there is really a lot of work and effort in being a good mother. Some mothers just could not care less when they have maids to do their work and take care of their children for them.