Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peace and quiet

It is how I describe my house now.  I like it when the kids are away and no one disturb my daily routine.  But today it was slightly different because I did something that I rarely do!  A morning nap! 
I did not sleep much lately.  Not that I take any afternoon nap but last night I could not sleep well.  And woke up before 6am.  So I started my day early.  Prepare breakfast for the family.  But by 9am I was too sleepy that I dozed off on the sofa.
Luckily I sent the kids off to baby sitter's house or they would not let me sleep in peace.  I slept for almost 3 hours and I felt better after I woke up!!!  And I was hungry when I woke up.  Luckily got some leftover chicken soup and rice, so that was my lunch today!!
I cooked ginseng and kiam chay chicken soup last night.
The kids would not be bored in baby sitter there because we bought a lot of exercise books for them especially my girl.  I was complaining to my hubby that the syllabus are tougher for our kids in Primary schools than when we were younger.  I don't even remember that we were taught all those stuff when I was in Primary One!  Lol!

Poor kids!  Really a tough world!


wenn said...

it's nice to be able to nap without any disturbance.

Small Kucing said...

good to have rest

Ez Vina said...

rest well.