Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Closer bond

As I grow older I tend to be closer to my mum.  As I am married and have children of my own, I understand how my mum felt sometimes and why she behaves and thinks like this and that. 

Since I have my own kitchen, I am learning to cook like my mum.  Or I should re-phase, I am trying to cook like my mum.  But my cooking will never taste like her cooking.  I guess practice makes perfect and my mum been cooking for some many years, her food sure taste great. 

There are some Hakka dishes that I would like to master from my mum, namely Braised Duck (Lu Yak), and braised vinegar pork trotters.  I have tried my hand on kacang ma and Hakka stuffed toufu which are very easy to prepare.  They does look difficult but once you get your hands to doing it, they are very easy.

Now both of us no longer working and have more times to spend in each other company.  Few days in a week I would bring her to market to buy groceries and have breakfast while other days she will go to my house and have good mother-daughter time.  She teaches me how to cook and gardening while I offer to drive her around to where she wants to go.  It is time for my mum to relax and enjoy life.  She has been working hard almost all her life and now it is giving back time.  Hopefully one day I can bring my parents for a family vacation together.


Broccoli Ginger said...

:) Nice hearing you spent quality time with your mom.

Libby said...

I love Lu Ya, yummy yummy! By the way, I have a blog giveaway in my cameron highlands post, do drop by to have a look.