Thursday, March 21, 2013

As of today

We are having warm spell now in Kuching as it was hot sun every day except light shower in the evening.  It makes me lazy to go out and usually I will buy my groceries once a week.  Buy all the meats and vegetables and stock up my fridge. 
I also bought some DVDs last Saturday morning, so I have been catching up on some dramas for the past few days.  It is a great escape from the daily chores and I get to enjoy doing something I like.  *wink* But still, I will never forget my chores as I stick to my schedule every weekday.  Cleaning the house on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, especially sweeping and mopping.  Other days will be more on dusting and arranging the shelves etc.  Like this morning for instance I cleaned up my kitchen and living room windows.  The last time I did it was before CNY!  So it has been more than a month!!
I climb on ladder to clean the windows as they are pretty high.  Well, my friend advised me not to climb and instead should rest more!  I am the type that cannot stick and stay still.  So for me, as long as I am comfortable, climbing ladders and doing house chores are no problem. *wink*
Do you really follow those "pantang" during pregnancy?  It depends for me, see whether they are ridiculous or realistic and as long as I feel comfortable.


Took a picture of my tummy this morning.  In my 13th week today. Tummy still not so noticeable unless I wear something tight.  Going for my check up in 2 weeks time.

Cooked one of my comfort food for lunch later.  White porridge!  Just when I do not feel like eating anything fried or do not have much appetite, white porridge is a comfort to me.  Since hubby is not coming back for lunch and dinner today, so I just whip up something simple for my lunch.  Haven't think of what to have for dinner, maybe have a takeover with my kid tonight.  For my porridge, I have some prickled lettuce and black bean fish.  My girl will have some fried noodle and a croissant for her lunch.  She already ordered her lunch menu with me before she went to school this morning! 


wenn said...

white porridge is nice too..

angeline ong said...

I like white porridge. These days the hot weather really terrible.

Mumsgather said...

She already ordered her lunch menu with me before she went to school this morning!

Your girl is cute. BTW, congrats on your pregnancy and you really shouldn't be climbing. ;)

Small Kucing said...

wah can see the "bump" already :) . Nice. Going to take those pregnancy photo or not?

Yee Ling said...

Enjoy your pregnancy journey. The most beautiful & miracle moment in life.