Monday, August 20, 2012

Random pictures of food

It was a great week with the long holiday.  We went for a dinner on Saturday night in The Junk with hubby's friends who drove all the way from Sibu for family holiday.  The family (couple with 2 young girls) are staying in 360, Hock Lee centre.  So we met up in The Junk for dinner.  It has been a long time since I dined in The Junk.  And I think the food portion shrunk a bit but they still taste the same.  Super delicious.
We ordered its special wine duck cooked in special sauce

Pepperoni pizza for the kids

Roasted organic chicken

BBQ Lamb rack

On Sunday morning after church, we drove to Serian to visit a friend's house.  It was a hot day yesterday, so it was a blessing.  Like every open houses, we were treated to Malay food, like beef masak hitam, satay, chicken curry and lemang.  We were also treated to 5-spices braised duck by our friend.  I guess the local here blended well with the Chinese Hakka that they are slowly implementing Chinese cooking in their daily menu.  *wink*

We cannot wait to dip into those food!

As for today, it is a relaxing day as we did not do much.  But we brought a cooker hood to our new house.  A gift from my parents.  *wink* 

We went to our new house to check on the progress and to our disappointment, there is still no work done on the kitchen.  Sigh!  Must chase the contractor this week otherwise we shall ask for refund and find other contractor to do it.  Our moving date is more than a month.  So you can see I am very anxious whether everything will be on time if we get new people to do the fittings.


suituapui said...

I always stay at 360, Hock Lee whenever I go to Kuching. Hahhhh!!!! You went to the Junk and you did not have their lamb shank!!! That one is their best...or to me, at least! Towkay neo is Sibu Foochow...

Ez Vina said...

I never been to Junk and I haven't got the replacement for our hood; both I wanted to do for so long already.. aiya!

Coffee Girl said...

wine duck in special sauce? wow... id love to taste that. the sauce really does look special. Happy holidays Rose!

Hayley said...

It was a nice long holidays with lots of food ya!