Monday, August 6, 2012

Less than RM100

We have been going to the book fair in Crowne Square for 3 times within a week and look what we bought!

Second-handed books from USA for less than RM100.00.  Books as low as RM0.50 to RM9.90 are available there.  And the book fair is till 12 August.

Some children books are bought by my parents and some are from me.  All in good condition although they are second-hand.  I even bought 4 romance novels for less than RM20.00. 

Our collections

One of the kids' favourite is this Blue's Clue books with flip flap.  They knew the characters from 2 DVDs I bought last year and when they saw this book, they must grab it.

I think I am going to go there again (alone) to "sapu" more fiction, cooking and romance books before they ends on 12 August.    *wink*  Hubby does not complain since I am spending the money on books and the kids enjoys some new books.


Ez Vina said...

yup, hubby also bought few books from there, cheap!

suituapui said...


wenn said...

wow..that's nice!

Coffee Girl said...

id like to buy the romance novels but theyre like really timeless, as in classic. hahaha. the cookbooks on the other hand, r really useful!