Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missing key

It has been more than 3 weeks and I still could not find that missing key.  The most important key some more.  Sigh! Some days were just not meant to be good days.  And it was bad luck. 

Actually it is my safebox key.  I lost it on one night.  And it happened on a bad night.  The key chain was found loosen and few keys lost along the way.  Searching high and low in my car where I usually throw the keys while I go out, in the living room and even in my handbag.  I managed to retrieve all the loosen keys except that particular key.  Sigh!  And I did not keep a spare key.  So now I am banging at my friend's door to help me extract the safe door and get a new key.  Hope he would find solution to the safe box.  And I promised myself (and hubby) that I will make all spare keys for any keys in the future.

I keep all the important documents in the safe box from my kid's MyKid, S&P, purchase invoices for the electrical items and bedding set and other important stuff.  So I need to open the safe box to retrieve my invoices as by this month we are getting the furniture and electrical companies to send over to our new house. 

As for the new house, the fitting contractor has been taking his sweet time in finishing our kitchen and living room cabinets.  He promised by this week, or I would not thinking my hubby has the patience anymore.  It has been delayed for over a month now, which initially promised to delivery by middle of July.  So by hook or by crook, we hope to see something there this week.  Then we can do a thorough cleaning and get all the electrical, sofa set and bedding sets in.


suituapui said...

...and when we do not need it, it will appear out of the blue just like magic. Always the case.

wenn said...

sometimes things just get lost and we couldn't find them just when we needed them the most..

Small Kucing said...

oh no...that is bad. :(

Mummy to QiQi said...

if its urgent, then you have get the locksmith to open it liao.