Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dining next to the river

I love to have dinner in Anchor House which is situated in TJ Delight, Jalan Bayor Bukit.  Not that it is just a walk from my shop but the dishes are pretty homey and cheaper. 

TJ Delight is located next to the Tabuan Jaya river.  Although the sight of the river is not appealing (due to rubbish and muddy water) but once a while you can still spot people rowing sampan along the river.  And on good evening, it would be very breezy and cooling to have dinner in the open air environment.

As for Anchor House, we love its fried chicken which is very tasty and juicy.  Its roasted piglet is famous but you need to pre-order because they do not serve it every day.

Almost every Sunday we would have our family dinner there.  Since the kids do not eat much, we do not order much dishes.  

Last Sunday we woke up late and after sending some boxes and stuff to new house and checking on the house work progress, we have late breakfast of kolok mee in Hong Garden Cafe.  After our breakfast which is almost 12noon, we went home and had our afternoon nap. By the times the kids and hubby woke up, it is already 5pm. We had our dinner in Anchor House around 6.15pm before proceed to the shop.

Fried chicken (half portion)

Steamed fish

Stir fried paku in belacan.  ( I still prefer its belacan kangkong)

Japanese tauhu with minced meat in oyster sauce


suituapui said...

Food looks like the usual at most chu-char places. How much?

wenn said...

tau fu is my all-time favorite! Yummy!

Hayley said...

Food are quite 'home style' ;)

yvonne said...

The last dish tempted me~~ So nice to go with a bowl of plain rice :)

Ez Vina said...

I prefer midin than paku.

J said...

haven't had chicken in ages. that sure looks yum.

thanks for dropping by Rose.