Friday, August 10, 2012


Pardon me, I am getting lazy in updating my blog lately.  I think it is collecting some dusts when I noticed that the last entry is on Monday.  But fear now, I am just too engrossed in my readings that I do not have time to update here. 

I bought some new novels yesterday.  10 books, all for less than RM70.00 from the book fair.  Did not finish browsing around as too much novels to check.  So end up with 10 novels, which should last me for a couple of weeks.  *wink*

So if I do not write much here or checking your blog, I sincerely apologise as I am keeping up with my reading.  So have a great weekend everyone!


Hayley said...

It's ok, just do whatever you enjoy =)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Libby said...

Enjoy your reading, enjoy your reading Rose, will still visit and see if you got any update.

Small Kucing said...

A great weekend to you too

wenn said...

I have some new novels to catch up too..