Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Menu #32: Fit for the emperor

(This is post-dated entry)

I always go to the supermarket in the shopping mall when I operate my shop.  When there is no customers in the afternoon, I would have a browse around.  Just out of boredom.  Recently I have been browsing through the shelves for some soup recipe and noticed this ready packet of Emperor Chicken Soup.  

I love chicken cooked in herbs and spices.  And I always enjoyed this Emperor Chicken when ever we have dinners in Chinese Restaurant.  Most wedding reception will serve this dish. 

Now it is even more convenient to prepare, just buy the packet and you can have it in few hours time. I make a slight modification.  Add some mushroom and ginger slices.  They turned out great.  And I loved the gravy. 

A packet of Emperor Chicken with Herbs and Spices (come with aluminium foil and wrapper);
Chicken parts, preferable chicken wings and drumsticks;
Ginger slices; wolfberries and Shiitake mushroom

1. I chopped my chicken parts first.  Then rub the chicken with the Emperor Chicken powder. 
2. Pour the chicken into the wrapper and aluminium foil.
3. Add in the sliced ginger and mushroom and some wolfberries on the top of the marinated chicken.
4.  Cover the chicken with wrapper and foil.  Steam for 1 - 2 hours depends on how big is the chicken.  Mine take about a hour since I am using drumsticks and chicken wings.

My boy enjoyed this dish very much, as he finished up his bowl of rice in few minutes.  *Happy mummy*  Where as my hubby irritated me by asking "Where did you buy this dish?" He did not believe that I cooked this chicken, and luckily I did not throw away the packet.  He was satisfied only after I shown him the empty pack!


suituapui said...

Must try this brand. Dunno which my missus used that day - ok but not really nice - not so nice that we would want to eat again.

lvynana said...

I love this dish too.

Small Kucing said...

should be very tasty :)

wenn said...

I love herbal chicken too..