Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cooling cucumber

I don't know what is is called in English as it is a local vegetable.  Or it is a fruit?  What ever it is the local called it "Dayak Timun" (cucumber) because mostly the natives grow and eat it.   But now other races also consumed it as it is sold in the wet markets.   

My mum gave me this timun yesterday morning.  Usually I would go to market with her on Monday because on Monday there is hardly anything to eat at the shop.  The food court closes and the poutry section in the supermarket does not operate on every Monday. 

Most people would cook this timun in soup, make it into juice or mix it with anchovies, chilli and make it into sambal.   On a hot day, this timun is great for cooling effect.   It smells like cucumber when you slice open it.  Very refreshing scent.  So if you are making juices, just add a bit of sugar after blending the vegetable with water.

For my soup, I used chicken meat since no one sell porks on Monday.  Taste nice too.  Just dip out the seeds from the timun, and cut the timun into big slices.  Add some wolfberries and timun into the soup during half way cooking the chicken soup.  Add a bit of salt to taste and serve. 


yvonne said...

Emm... the way you cook Dayak Timun for soup is just like how I cook old cucumber soup :)

But Dayak Timun doesn't look like old cucumber at all!

Cynful Pleasure said...

another type of cucumber ah... I have only seen the old cucumber here but not this type of cucumber... wonder how it taste like..

Rose said...

Some Chinese called it "Lao Huang Gua", becos it is yellowish and look like melon. Smell like cucumber, texture like bitter guard but minus the bitterness. Taste sweet.

Yan said...

My girls's favourite soup.

Dav DiDi said...

You really do love cooking soup

Small Kucing said...

looks like old cucumber but then t dont have the wrinkles....must be sweet soup