Saturday, July 21, 2012

Be thankful

Last night, hubby came home late after visiting his dad's under-constructed semi-D.  He told me that a family consisting of a mother and 4 small children are taking shelter in one of the semi-D.  It breaks my heart when I heard of the family's pledge. 

The husband of the woman left the family few months ago and they were chased out from the house of relative few nights ago.  So with no one and no assistance they are resorted to staying in abandon houses and just yesterday came to my FIL's semi-D.  They were discovered by my BIL who went on site inspection yesterday.  They were seemed collecting food from garbages. 

When hubby and BIL went back last night, they were no around, but assumed in hiding as their shoes are still around.  I guess the family were in fear of been chased out of the premises.  But hubby and BIL were there to help them.   

So this morning hubby has been contacting the charity homes to assist the family.  And maybe we will donate some old clothings to them.  So got to arrange and pack the clothings later in the afternoon. 

Sigh!  So heart breaking thinking about them.  And I am thankful and feel blessed thinking of my live.


Hayley said...

I feel pity for the family.. But I am glad to hear that they met a nice person like your husband!

wenn said...

be thankful for what we have..

suituapui said...

Yes, we must be grateful and appreciate whatever little blessing that come our way. The family's lucky to bump into your hubby and you - so nice of you all to try and help them. God will bless you all abundantly.

Cynful Pleasure said...

yes, we always have to give thanks, and be thoughtful.. but wondering how come human kind can be so cruel in leaving their family behind.. haiz..