Thursday, July 12, 2012

Those precious time

It is not an easy job to be a working mom. I am not only have to deal with problematic staff but also with naughty kids who do not listen to me.  Even after closing the shop, I still have to deal with the kids.  Their antics, their pranks, their stubbornness, their chattiness and so forth.

So once a while I would find things to re-wind myself.  Get those exhaustion and frustration out from my system.  Either have a walk in a shopping mall, have a DIY facial at the comfort of home or "yam cha" (hanging out) with girl friends are few things I do to put myself together.

I am glad that I bought some books from the car boot sales 2 weeks ago.  I finished up all the books.  My regret is that I did not have time to browse and buy more books.  So deeply in my heart, I hope they will have another round of car boot sales again.  *wink*  

I love to read.  I have always been a bookworm since the school day.  And I am glad that I instill the habit in my children since they were young. I can absorb in a book the whole day as long as no one disturb me.  Believe me that I can finish up a book within a day.  So during those nights, I would just tug myself in the bed and read my books, and kids would not bother much about me as long as they have their own share of books and toys to play with.  Reading is my past time hobby.  

In an hour time from now, I would be disconnected and no one can reach me.  Those precious 3 hours time will belong to me.  And of course my beautician.  *wink*

I am going for a facial today.  So I am going to enjoy (and suffer) those 3 hours under my beautician's hand.  *wink*  Some more I am paying for those suffering.  Lol!  So much for my "me-time". 

And tomorrow is the starting for the Rainforest World Music Festival and I am going!  Well, see if I would be able to squeeze myself in because I did not get the ticket yet.  Otherwise I would be sunbathing and swimming in the sea tomorrow.  Lol!


Yan said...

I love going for facial too. Infact I am addicted to it. I go once every month without fail.

suituapui said...

Yes, at times we need to pamper reward ourselves once in a while.

Small Kucing said...

wow u same as me ah. Bookworm. what book you read. Now am reading Dorothy Koomson's Ice cream Girls