Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival workshop

I took a day off yesterday and followed hubby to Sarawak Cultural Village for this year's Rainforest World Music Festival.  I did not stay overnight for the night performance, but instead when for the workshop in the afternoon. 

The entrance to the festival.  My ticket.

Everyone need to put on this hand band for identification.
The Brazilian band performing at the hall when we reach the venue.

The main hall where the workshop held.

This is the open auditorium where the night performance is held. 

UiTM band from Sarawak

We went to the Beach Seafood for lunch.  Of course when we went to the beach side, we definitely must ordered seafood.  We have sweet and spicy crabs and salted crabs.

Not forgetting hubby's favourite, the jellyfish.

It was an enjoyable day in Damai.  We departed around 7pm and by the time we reached home after picking the kids from baby sitter, we were too tired to have dinner and slept soundly till the next day.  Lol!


Coffee Girl said...

Wow u went! was it crowded? i snub the event again this year, like every other year... lol... no teman. :(

that jelly fish is fried kah? wah...

Rose said...

Coffee girl,

My first time there! Lol!

Not so crowded at the workshop but I heard it was pack at night. The jelly fish is prickled. So sour, sweet and spicy taste

Small Kucing said...

COOOL!!! heard this event is very big and fun

suituapui said...

Been on for years but I've never bothered to go. I would go for the food though....ANYTIME!!! Yum! Yum!!!

lvynana said...

Only went for 1 workshop? Total of 6 workshops for every afternoon, but you will tired by walking from 1 workshop to another.

Lindy said...

Awesome event wasn't it?? I was there! You only went to 1 workshops? :)