Friday, June 8, 2012

Visit from Singapore

My dearest uncle, aunt and cousins came yesterday afternoon.  It is a special visit from them as the whole family came here since many years back.  My uncle and aunt come here pretty often, about thrice a year.  

This round my girl cousin is pregnant with first baby and she is bringing her hubby for a visit whereas the boy cousin is coming with his girlfriend.  Cousin is pregnant with a boy and will be due early September. The last time I seen my male cousin was back in 2002 during our grandfather's demise.  He has grown a lot and I hardly recognised him. 

So yesterday evening, I brought them for a walk in Waterfront Kuching, Main Bazaar and stretch of the Padungan road.  They do not mind the walk, but just complained of the warm weather.  Lol!  Thought Singapore is hot, but here is hotter according to them. 

Cousins and cousins-in-law posing in front of DUN

In the evening after closed shop, we took them to Alfresco Wine & Dine, Hock Lee Centre for a drink and chat.  The night before hubby and I have few rounds with some male friends and we left a bottle of Glenmonrangie there.  So last night hubby opened up the bottle and we shared a big platter of seafood combo.

This morning I gave my cousins a wake up call around 830am and by 10am I went to pick them for a brunch of Sarawak laksa and kolo mee in Kenyalang Park.  Well, cannot go back without tasting the local food, right??   

The Laksa in Noodle Expert cafe is fantastic.  RM4.00 per bowl and special is RM5.00

No more late nights for me.  My 2 kids are coming back from holiday tonight.  I will be spending times with them and have early sleep tonight.  *wink*


Small Kucing said...

wahh...such wonderful holiday

suituapui said...

That sounds like a VERY short visit. If to Sibu, not so bad...but to Kuching, where got enough like that? So many more places to go, so many more things to eat...

suituapui said...

Ya...Singapore is surrounded by sea. There is often some sea breeze and it makes the place cooler - the moderating effect. Sibu is hot unless there is rain once in a while, Kuching is just as bad...but can't compete with KL - I wouldn't even want to venture out of the hotel... So hot!

wenn said...

that's great!