Monday, June 4, 2012

Beware of the scale

You know what?  I gain some weights lately.  Not only think, but feel it too.  And can see that my bulge on the abdomen.  S**t!  Must be all those late suppers and worry-free atmosphere that give me all those gains. 

I have few late nights but they did not passed 12 midnight.  Because I am not a night owl anymore, so by 12 midnight I must sleep otherwise when the clock is up, I would not be able sleep well.

I do not need to go up the scale to know I have gain weight or not.  Because I noticed that I cannot fit well into my favourite jeans.  And I can feel how tight it is when I button it up.  So you see, I know that I have add some fat to my tummy.  Sigh!

Well, I can conclude when this holiday ends this weekend, not only my kids will gain weight, I would too!  Lol!


Mumsgather said...

Aren't we perpetually obsessed with our weights? haha. I too hate that feeling of not being able to fit into an old pair of jeans!

wenn said...

we normally put on weight on the tummy..

suituapui said...

Never mind! As long as you are not as fat as I am, it's fine... LOL!!!

princess said...

i know how it feels not only putting on weight at tummy, even i sometimes find it hard to button my blouse as my breasts also became bigger, now its 40D. How about you? did your breasts ever got bigger?

lena said...

never mind, wear looser clothes, no one will notice!