Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kinda hot around my body

It has been a chaos over the weekend.  My pc cables had been pulling a prank on me; broken down after an electricty blackout last Friday evening.  After waiting for an hour, we gave up and closed shop early around 7.30pm that day.

The next day, I opened the shop early than expected, but discovered the pc cannot be turned on.  So, it was a no-system day for 2 days in the shop.  And we have a stock of 70+ boxes came in on Saturday afternoon, which gave us more headache and heartburn!  It was not helping at all with the current weather and my air con have not been functioning well. 

Luckily my pc was back to normal yesterday afternoon after the technician came in to check on the problem.  And contractor came in this morning to service my air-con.  

Hopefully it will cool me down.  Because I am kinda of feeling hot.  Or probably because of the folic acid and iron tablets I took.  I don't know. 

My brain has not been working very well lately too.  Very lazy to write long post.  Kind of jam sitting in front of pc, looking at it, thinking how to compose my post.

My girl has been nagging us to bring her to swimming pool.  I think she can feel the heat around her too.  The haze is coming back too!  So I do hope this warm weather would not persist but heard over the radio, this is going to continue til September.  Oh boy!  I would prefer to stay in air-con room than going out and dipping in the pool under warm sun although the cool water sound very tempting to me.

Ok, enough ranting from me.  Or I would not know where this is heading.  Better stop before I go blank again!


Merryn said...

Folic acid and iron tablets? U r expecting? Sorry I didn't know. Congrats!

アンゼエリン said...

Weather is very hot these days...Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated. Hot day always make people sick.

アンゼエリン said...
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Yan said...

At the mean time, I dare not bring my girls out for outdoor activity. It is very hazy.

Rose said...

Er, Merryn, I am not preggie! hahah! Just low blood count, so doctor gave me those supplements.

Angeline, my hubby also not feeling well lately. And I also worry my kids will get sick too.

Yan, yes, not advisable to go out due to haze. Heard it is pretty bad in WM.