Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going to Car Boot Sales

It is a great Sunday today, because the weather is cooling and we had few session of rains this afternoon.  So a relief after few weeks of warm and hazy weather.

This morning we went to C121 Stutong for a late breakfast around 10am.  I like the place because of its decoration and food variaties.

It has a nice centre piece of decoration in the middle of the cafe.  I think it has something to do with Feng Shui.

I ordered mee suah from this Foochow stall

My RM5.00 mee suah.  Very nice taste.

The cheng soup with those liver, blood clot etc.  I have been forced to taste few of the blood clots

After breakfast we went to the nearby car boot sales.  This is the first time I been to a boot sales.  Interesting to walk around looking through the second-hand items.  The old magazines are sold RM0.50 each and a stall was selling RM1.00 each.  I managed to buy 5 old books at RM1.00 each from a boot.

A Marimo stall.  Interesting species.  Planned to get some for my new home in few months time

The big Marimo balls after a year of rearing

Old toys, where hubby enquired on the Avator robots which cost RM55 each

Nice hand woven baskets

I bought this dress for RM40.00 only! 


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hi Rose,

I used to eat at C121 when I was working in Tabuan. It's a nice eating place. Well decorated and I specifically like the pork noodle stall there.

And If I'm not mistaken, the "Car Boot Sales" is rarely done in Malaysia and I'm surprised we have it here in Stutong. From the look of the items, I think most of them sell good items and I'm very interested with the AVATAR toys.

Do they still have the sale? I wanna go there!

Libby said...

Nice dress you bought, good taste!

Dav DiDi said...

The sale until when? I want to buy the basket..ehehhee

Rose said...

Willie and Didi, yes. I don't remember any car boot sales in Kuching. It was only a day. Not sure when they are going to do it again, but if anything, I will keep you guys updated in my blog.

Thanks, Libby. I like it very much. A bit worry at first because I cannot try it but after putting it on at home, I am happy I bought it.

Hayley said...

Nice white dress!

suituapui said...

Mee sua...RM5!!! So cheap! Here the cheapest is RM6 and above...

suituapui said...

They have car boot sales in the UK, did not bother to go. I though car boot sales, people would sell the things out of the boot of their cars... This one so nice leh, all the canopy and all...

Rose said...

Thanks Hayley.

Arthur, some are really from the boot. hahaha! But mostly have tables to put their stuff. With the humid weather here, we really need canopies otherwise too hot to walk around.