Friday, December 2, 2011

We got to wait longer

After our short holiday in KL last month, we can now concentrate on our house!

My daughter has gone back to Kapit on Wednesday morning with her grandmother. Going to miss her. Initially Baby Jay will be following them, but we worry about him being away from us so in the end, we let him stay back. Maybe next year when he is not so clingy to us. I do hope for a "get-away" once a while from the kids as I think it would be good for my sanity. *wink* Me and hubby can have some personal times together without the kids around. And we can have more times to get ready the new house too.

Talking about the house, it would not be ready in time as we are on tight budget now. Over-spend on the extension work and in due to CNY celebration just next month, we would not want to rush things too much. So we are planning to move into new house after CNY, finding good "ong" time maybe the first half of next year.


eugene said...

Hey all the best to you,, and i must agree with you on this, don't rush to get things done on the new house,good planning is needed and always shop around for good deals,,,, one can really save a lot by being patient,,,,

take care now ya

suituapui said...

Ya...slow and steady wins the race. A rush job may not be very satisfactory at times...but some contractors may take advantage if you're too easy on them. Sometimes have to bark at them also...

lvynana said...

Since you are not renting out now, so no need to rush things over also.
Take your sweet time :)