Monday, December 5, 2011

Over loaded

We noticed something not right with our wardrobe last night. I mean the current wardrobe in my current house. We have not yet move into new house; it would be definitely after CNY.

Bought the current wardrobe where we got married, and that was 6 years ago. We noticed that the whole thing slanted to one side and look like it is going to collapse anytime soon! Oh dear! I think we have over-loaded the wardrobe with too many clothings. Lol! I really have a load of stuff in my side of cabinet. So we took away the 4 different sizes of luggages (which we place on top of the wardrobe). And I got to tidy and pack some clothing sometime this week. Hubby assured me that it will not collapse into our beds which are in front of the wardrobe, but that make me having sleepless night last night!


lvynana said... funny, must be all the shopping from your KL trip.

Rose said...

Not really, Ivynana! It is time to take out and rearrange my clothing. Good time to donate some old clothing away! :p I dont think I will move everything into my new wardrobe!

FiSh said...

hahas bought too many stuff there? you can start getting a new, much spacious wardrobe already


Small Kucing said...

gosh sound like a lot of cleaning up to do. Tiring

wenn said...

it shouldn't collapse now.

suituapui said...

Give away to charity...or to the poor the ones you do not use. My missus also loves hoarding all her clothes - the cabinets all full of her clothes...hard to close the doors even. I guess this is a woman thing, right?