Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can you stand B.O.?

I used to have a staff working for me last year in the shop. Now she is working in Singapore. She is a very naive and hardworking girl. She does not have much education, but she does what was told. An obedient girl and I have no problem with her work attitude.

There was only one thing I cannot stand about her and that was her BO (body odor)! I never have weak resistance toward other people B.O until I have children. Wonder my pregnancies make my nose more sensitive to smell?? Lol!

And my staff never do anything about her B.O until I took the matter into my hand! Luckily I sell deodorants, so one night when I could not stand it any longer, I passed one bottle to her. Told her it was a Christmas gift and she must tred and tested it herself, so she knew how to sell to customers! Lol! I think I did not offend her in any way but I guess she took the hint. She even bought deodorants from that day onwards! I even forced her to take Chlorophyll as it helps to reduce B.O.

Customers come and go. Some really has bad BO, but being courteous I never suggest deodorant as a purchase to customers unless they ask. How would you tackle this situation? Can help me increase the sales of my deodorant without offending anyone? *wink*


suituapui said...

There is a traditional way to get rid of B.O. but I can't remember now...

lvynana said...

You did the right thing. Promote the deodorant to the customer that you think needed it also a good idea. For me I prefer that kind of hint rather than ppl talk behind my back.

MayaKirana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's a quick cure for BO. Apply some baking soda mixed with some water. It gets rid of BO and it's easily available (cheap too). Actually baking soda is multipurpose. Great for a lot of stuff - cleaning, tenderizing meat, getting rid of UTI, etc.