Saturday, December 17, 2011

Indonesian style

Did online search for this recipe after trying it out in Sing Garden last week, but did not managed to find the right recipe. Wonder whether that is the right name or because it is cooked by an Indonesian?

There is a stall operated by an Indonesian lady, using a conventional oven stove to bake the chicken drumsticks. You can see the fire in the oven when you glance at the back of the stall. Each plate accompanied by a plate of rice only costs RM4.50, to me it is pretty reasonable.

RM4.50 per plate with a bowl of rice.

Have been trying to ask for the recipe but the lady very tight-lipped about it, so I do not want to pursue some more. But from what I tasted, it definitely has some Shaoxing wine, and ginger in it! What I like about this dish is that it comes with gravy and taste good when pour into your rice! Yummy!!

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Small Kucing said...

drumstick with rice at RM4-50 only? That is a steal! cheap