Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pearly white

I just remember that my SIL bought a pack of white pearl powder and pearl whitening cream from Shanghai during her trip end of last month. I have yet to try them out. Suppose to make your skin clearer, smoother and glowing. Anyone try using white pearl powder for beauty regime before??

I tried the whitening cream on my hand, and sure enough, my hand looks radiant. I guess it has some pearl residue in the cream, that is why my hand radiant. One thing I like about the cream is that it is very moisturising.

Maybe I trying the powder out this Saturday, see if I have time to try it. Either I do a face mask or used as cleanser, and put some whitening cream on my face thereafter. I hope hubby would not have a shock of his life seeing me lying in the bed for 20 minutes having white mask on my face. *laugh* However, first thing first. I need to find a container to keep my pearl powder.


Zara's Mama said...

Hmm.. but you think it's authentic? I'm very scared to use anything or eat anything from China. All the fakes going around.

wenn said...

hope it works for u.

2crazydogs said...

I heard of Pearl Powder but have not used it. I bought My Beauty Diary facial masks, those are made in Taiwan and they work good for me. When i put the mask on i will tell hubs not to talk to me or make me laugh! :) But he will just do the opposite!

Rose said...

Hi Zara's mum. Actually my mum told me not to use as like you said, China's production. Dont know authentic or not....scare if they add harmful chemical....sigh!

Wenn, I asked around, so far no one told me they used before.

2crazydogs, my hubby also do the same.....I malas want to layan him lah...hehehe!

reanaclaire said...

hi Rose..from what i know, china has all these factories selling pearl this and pearl that.. when i went shanghai, a lot of ladies ended up buying these too.. but i didnt .. some said it works, some said otherwise, i guess depends on your skin..