Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Korea - Daejanggeum Theme Park

Day 2

We arrived in Korea on Monday, 15 February evening around 5.20pm (Korean time). We went for our cabbage soup pot before residing at our hotel in Seoul for a night.

The next day (16 February) we departed from our hotel at 8.00am and heading to a restaurant for a breakfast buffet. Korean breakfast buffet is very simple. I were too hungry and cold to take any photos of the food. Lol! One thing about Korean, they eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So that is why I said I am gaining weight from eating rice 3 times a day.

After we filling up our stomachs, we headed to our very first destination in Korea. Daejanggeum Theme Park. It was about 1 hour plus trip. Anyone remember “The Jewel In the Palace” drama?? Yes. That was the exact site where they filmed the famous drama. Although the real actress were not there, but at least I managed to pose with her in a card-board size there. Lol!

After visiting the site for about an hour, we went to the field next to it to play some snow balls. Of course I took the opportunity to feel snow on my hands and take photos of us lying on the bed of snow! Phew! Cold!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

wow. what a wonderful visit. I wish i can visit Korea too.

wenn said...

i hv been to Korea in 2003. nice country.

Dav DiDi said...

Nice scenery!!!!