Friday, February 26, 2010

Korea - Be a Korean for a minute!

Day 2 continue....

After an hour at Daejanggeum Theme Park, we took another 1 hour bus ride to the city to have our lunch. BBQ style. Probably we were hungry or cold, we finish and re-fill our food on the table. After filling up our empty stomach, we gone to Korean Culture Centre to have a taste of been a Korean for a while!!

Firstly we were introduced on making on kimchi, a famous Korean dish made from vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots and radish. The vegetables would be seasoned with spices such as salt, pepper, red chilli, etc and keep for few days to weeks in cold temperature. Kimchi colours varied from white, yellow to red depends on the ingredients.

A kimchi master showed us the making on one of over 200 kimchi in the centre. After the introduction, we were taught on seasoning kimchi ourselves. My first trial in making kimchi. Not bad for first timer. We were allowed to bring back the kimchi that we made and also treated to kimchi made by the master.

After kimchi making, we proceed to the next room where we can freely try on its traditional costume for photo-taking. The ladies wear the Korean costume called Hanboks. For married ladies, we have to tie our hair and wear a head gear. Don't we look nice in those costume? Lol!


smallkucing said...

The girl so cute la in the costume

2crazydogs said...

very cute picture of you guys with traditional costume on...little girl is super cute! :)

wenn said...

when I was there, i didn't try the costumes.