Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Back to it

Two mornings later, my man was early so we went for an early breakfast after send the boys to school. 

He commented he still prefer the kolo mee from this coffee shop than here, so I obliged to his request and we were back to his current favourite place. 

I decided to try something new on the menu that I had not try before. Seafoof noodle!! I requested for mee hoon instead of noodle. 

RM7 seafood mee hoon

My seafood mee hoon, the dry version. Hubby had his usual noodle and soup set, so I did not want soup version for my mee hoon. 

Soup with noodle RM6

Noodle and soup were served seperately. Hubby enjoyed its clear soup of mixed stuff. 

It was a cold morning that day as it rained the night before. So a warm fresh soya milk for me. No sugar added, so you need to add your sugar yourself as each table is provided with a small container of white sugar. 
Fresh soya milk

I also brought some sio bee (siew mai) home as my boys love them. The sio bee was nice as the skin wasn't that thick, which I liked most. 

RM8 for 10 sio bee

We headed home just before the rain started to pour. It was a very cloudy day that Thursday. 


suituapui said...

Not a fan of those imitation crab sticks. Sio bee looks good!

Iwona said...

I've never eaten seafood :)

Nancy Chan said...

I don't like crab stick and will request not to include in my noodle. The soup with noodle looks good.

Nux V said...

I like sio bee and soupy noodles, such a comfort food during rainy days!

PH said...

Oh dear, I see crabstick in your noodle. Not my favorite :( I would prefer the pork noodles hee..hee..

mun said...

I prefer mee hoon too. Love the tofu in the pork soup.

Libby said...

I want the sio bee. They serve tofu in my fish soup too which i like it so much. Contrary to the majority, i don't mind crab stick though.

Twilight Man said...

It is so difficult to find fresh and warm soya milk in KL. It is such a healthy drink.