Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Nasi kukus

It was the Sunday before Christmas. A cold day as it rained almost the whole day.

After church, we went to Vivacity to catch Star Wars movie. It was 245pm slot so we had time for lunch beforehand.

We went to this place that we have never been to before. Opened 3 months ago, Nasi Kukus Place, opposite to Pho Master (Vietnamese cuisine) was packed when we passed it. Thought it must be good to have so many customers.

Nasi kukus, literally means steamed rice in English. One table was vacant, lucky us so we took it and ordered our lunch.

We didn't wait long for our food to come. Hubby's salted fish fried rice came first. Smell was good, hubby also commented it was nice. 

Salted fish fried rice RM7.90

Yours truly was attracted by the tilapia name on the menu. Sounds irresistible so I ended up with Nasi Kukus tilapia. Luckily it didn't disappoint me. 

Nasi kukus ikan tilapia RM11.90

The chicken curry was good as well. Not too spicy but ut has the Malay curry fragrant. Hubby and I enjoyed it. 

Curry chicken RM7.50

Jan went for the nasi kukus butter chicken. I tasted one cube and it was alright. Not too buttery, just nice to my liking. 

NK Butter chicken RM8.90

We also had this lovely plate of stir fried cangkuk manis with egg. Quite a portion for RM6. 
Cangkuk manis telur RM6

Lastly we also had a plate of sotong sambal. I didn't manage to take photo of the whole plate. It was spicy but the sotong was nicely cooked. 

Sotong sambal RM13.90

Jay had fried yellow noodle for RM7.20 but I didn't take the photo. Overall our lunch was RM89 plus drinks. 

Nice lunch, the staff was friendly and quick. We would not mind to come back for more nasi kukus. 


suituapui said...

I like the cangkok manis, so green. Not fond of it overfried till black!

mun said...

all the nasi kukus dishes look delicious!

Merryn said...

Your fish looks so nicely fried, I would so love that. All the food looks so good.

PH said...

I would really love to have the fried fish.

Libby said...

Good that your whole family enjoyed all the food here.

Nux V said...

i m drooling seeing these pictures...

Nancy Chan said...

All the food look good to me especially the fried rice and fried fish.