Friday, January 17, 2020

Monthly affair

We are making it a monthly affair to have dim sum breakfast in Boulevard Restaurant. So last month was no exception, we went on the last Sunday of the month.

The place was already packed with customers when we arrived slightly after 9am. We found a table, wrote down our order and passed the order chit to one of the waitresses.

Maybe because it was still school holiday so many family with young children that morning. And it took quite sometime for our drink and dim sum to arrive.

The first few dim sum to be served on our table are these plates. Deep fried yam puff, deeo fried pumpkin balls and egg tarts. 

Almost everytime we were here, we ordered new dish. This round, we ordered this pumpkin ball. It was good. Big, crispy pumpkin balls with salted egg custard in it. 

Another new dim sum we haven't try in the past was this deep fried spring roll.

The filling was nice and tasty, I enjoyed it. Except that the rolls were oily. 

Somehow we had more deep fried dim sum than steamed ones that morning. Like this deep fried sweet yam. Pretty good. 

We always enjoyed its fish beancurd cake in the past. So we never missed out on it.

Our non deep fried dim sum was har kaw as well... 

.. as this sweet and sour pork rolls.

Hubby and I shared this bbq sauce chicken feet. It was rather spicy that day. 

Our breakfast on the last Sunday of 2019!!!


suituapui said...

Did not manage to go and check this place out when I was in Kuching that day. Too far, nobody to take me there. Sobssss!!!

Nux V said...

wah dim sum!!! I m so craving for these!

Iwona said...

Pumpkin balls look yummy.

mun said...

the pumpkin balls look delicious! I love to eat dim sum!

lina said...


Diana Diane Teo said...

I have yet to try any dim sum in Kuching but so far, most of my relatives also told me the best is in Boulevard Restaurant too.

Libby said...

Good that you try different dishes everytime you are there. The pumpkin balls and deep fried spring rolls look good.