Friday, May 17, 2019

Pho Master

I ain't a pho master neither do I fancy Vietnamese cuisine that much but I am all out to try new dishes and challenge my palate. 

It was the case not so long ago when we walked by this eatery in Vivacity Mall. We were to catch the Avengers:Endgame movie but it was 245pm slot and we decided to settle our lunch before enduring the 3 hours long movie. 

Pho Master wasn't full so we took the table right at the front of the shop. Nice and simple decoration in the shop. I loved the wall decoration of the Vietnamese leaf hats. 

Teardrop shaped lanterns at the front of the shop. And by the way, it is a non-halal shop, so they do serve pork here!

Quite extensive menu with description in English for better understanding of the dishes and drinks. 

Vietnam is well known for its coffee but unfortunately I don't drink coffee. My man does and he ordered its milk dripping coffee. Slowly waiting for the coffee to drip into the cup. 

Soon our first dish came to our table. Lemongrass pork rib with broken rice. It may looked nothing but once you bite into the rib, it was tender and robust with flavour. We loved the pork rib. 

Vietnamese beef pho (pronounced as 'fur') was our choice and it was not a mistake to have it. The beef slices were tender and melt in your mouth. The beef broth was flavourful. 

We ordered few appetizers to share around, namely the deep fried spring rolls. Chicken meat in the roll but watch out, it was hot! 

And this crispy crepe with shredded chicken, prawns and vermicelli in it. 

Mini pancakes were nice appetizers, with crispy pancakes and prawns in them.

Lastly was the fresh summer rolls. Vietnamese cuisine wouldn't complete without those fresh prawns, chicken, vermicelli, beansprout, lettuce and basil wrapped in paper. 

A nice taste of Vietnam for us. It was quite an enjoyable lunch. 


  1. Hee hee. I am no pho master either but I do enjoy Vietnamese food.

  2. II love to eat this authentic Vietnamese food. They are unique and don't resemble Chinese, Malay or Thai food. Those wraps are the best to eat with dipped chilly sauce.

  3. I've never eaten prawns before.
    I don't eat meat but I love coffee :D

  4. I also love to try different food from aroubd the world,everything loooks yum in here! I am following, greetings from Poland ☺

  5. I miss Vietnamese food....the Pho Vietz near my house has closed down....huhu

  6. all the food is so delicious especially the mini pancakes with prawns so why don't you like them?

    1. The bottom was slightly burn. I think the turmeric (or another herb, I not too sure) was too strong to my liking.

  7. I love Vietnamese!!! Must KIV this place, a must-visit when I hop over to Kuching. So sad, no Vietnamese in Sibu.

  8. Vietnam spring roll looks great!

  9. I like Vietnamese food but I seldom get to enjoy Vietnamese food. Love the beef soup and the spring rolls.

  10. Huh I saw grilled pork chop with broken rice, which I like. Good that you tried Vietnamese food after reading so much about them in blogs.

    My Buddy bought a Vietnamese traditional hat when we went Vietnam in March this year.