Thursday, January 9, 2020

Suzhou | cold and hungry

After our Ou Garden tour, we went for our Suzhou dinner. Everyone was cold and tummies were rumbling. Tummies got hungry pretty fast in the winter. Lol. 

We took 2 tables in a room and soon our food were served on the table. 

The prawns were bigger and nicer here, compared to what we had in Wuxi. Cooked with black pepper, I had a lot of these prawns. 

Omelette was fine but the roasted pork was good. Probably we were hungry, everything tasted delicious. 

The deep fried nugget coated with white sesame seeds was a hit among the children. It was tasty, no oil smell or taste to it. 

We ate a lot of stir fried cabbages in China. Either cabbages or cauliflowers in almost every meals. 

This fish with salted mustard dish was good and everyone enjoyed it as we did not get to taste that in other places. So appetizing to go with white rice. 

On the other hand, this deep fried fish with sweet sauce was not a hit among us because it has so many small bones. Not easy to eat but the flesh was sweet and tasty. If only it did not have so many bones in it, bet everyone would enjoy it more. 

Other dishes on the table included vegetable soup and shredded cucumber. 

Another unusual dish was this. Stinky beans was our guess. Did not taste good. 

Lastly for noodle lovers, we got this noodle. Like stir fried kampua in soy sauce. 

Did we enjoy the food?? Yes we did. Probably we were cold and hungry. Lol. 


suituapui said...

Food here sure looks a bit better than the ones earlier.

Iwona said...

Yummy food. I've never eaten prawns :)

PH said...

Cold weather makes us extra hungry. Glad that the meal was satisfying except for the stinky one.

Nux V said...

All looks good! I would enjoy the food more when the weather is cold ;-)

lina said...

Sure everything is super sedap after your outing and the cold weather!

Diana Diane Teo said...

The noodles do look alike kampua in soy sauce. Hahaha
Wow. So many dishes you guys had - like 11

Nancy Chan said...

So true, I get hungry faster when the weather is cold.

mun said...

Good food! in Cold weather,hot food warms the tummies!

Libby said...

I would choose the deep fried nugget like your kids and the salted mustard fish. Sure can eat more in a cold weather.