Saturday, August 17, 2019

Try to resist

I bought this MyKuali product not so long ago. I seldom buy such packed food (other than instant noodle) and I always try to resist buying them. But somehow my curiosity got into me  that day and I ended up buying this pack. Don't ask me how much as I don't remember it. Lol. 

Penang Red Tom Yum Goong. That looked tempting right?? 

One pack of ganishing and one pack of tom yum paste. Add boiled water till the line (half of the bowl) and wait for 4 minutes. 

Very very spicy. Do I like it?? Not really, I enjoyed much better and tastier tom yum. But I did give this a try and maybe I would buy again if I am craving for tom yum next time. 

I promised that I shared with you on the dried squids that I bought back from Sabah. I had it last week. A handful of the mini squids. 

First, I soaked them in the water for few minutes. They could be very salty so soaking them to reduce the saltiness. 


Then I rinsed and dried them with kitchen paper towel.  After that, pan-fried for few minutes, about 2 minutes. Dish out. 


Well, they were nice, like the normal squids. Chewy, salty. This was more of a biteable size. Great snack too. 


suituapui said...

Throw a few in your chicken soup or meat bone soup, will make it so sweet.

Sakuranko said...

I like the spicy Instant Ramen this look very yummy

mun said...

The tom yum instant noodles sound spicy so I tak tahan eat. oh so you just eat the mini squid like that, not use them to boil soup.

lina said...

Good to try things at least once. Hehehe

Libby said...

The squids look good.

Nux V said...

the squids can go well with the tom yum noodles!

Nancy Chan said...

The tom yam product looks familiar. I can't remember whether I have tried it before. I will go and check out whether we have these dried squids here.

Imemily said...

the small squid is tempting!

I also seldom eat instant noodles :)