Saturday, August 24, 2019


The kolo mee stall here, which operated by the daughter-in-law of the well-known Green road kolo mee has permanently moved to this food court in Batu Kawa.

Since she moved away, we did not patronise her stall till one morning. A Monday morning which was a public holiday. 

Business was good, as we had to wait for a long time for our kolo mee to come. 

The boys had the kolo mee with char siew oil, so the noodle was slightly red and sweeter. 

Hubby and Jan had their normal kolo mee.

And not forgetting her comforting and delicious dumpling soup.

As for yours truly, I went for Sarawak laksa, which was next to the kolo mee stall. I felt like having something more flavourful, so a bowl of normal Sarawak laksa for me. 

It was alright but the broth was oily. I did not take the broth.

After we were done with our breakfast, we went to emart hypermarket for our monthly grocery shopping. 


PH said...

I would have chosen the Sarawak laksa too.

suituapui said...

I love that blue & white plate. I guess the Green Road original is still at that same place - hope to get to enjoy it again when I hop over to Kuching.

mun said...

nice to have so many prawns in your sarawak laksa.

Nux V said...

it's hard to find kolo mee here in kl...It has been some time since I last had Sarawak laksa!

Imemily said...

ouch the Sarawak laksa looks so tempting!
I would like to have a bowl too now!

shwet said...

Food looks delicious