Friday, March 30, 2018

The bridge and beyond

The longest bridge in Sarawak (and 3rd longest in Malaysia) is the Batang Sadong bridge that opened for travellers since October 2016.

I see the bridge!

Last Saturday, we went for a short road trip to the bridge, and covering few villages and small towns beyond it. It wasn't a fabulous day for a road adventure but the green countryside view was worth the drive.

About 2 hours drive to the bridge from Kuching as heavy downpour on us along the way. Beforehand, we had to take a ferry in Kampong Bandong, so that already cost us  some time waiting in line for the ferry across the river.

We passed by so many greens, canals, barrages, farms, banana trees, coconut trees and oil palm trees. I love countryside, the air is fresh and even better, after the rain.

Banana trees on both sides 

Paddy field

One of the few big barrages

Asajaya Canal 2

Down the bridge on way back to Kuching

Over Batang Sadong

Infested with crocs??

We passed by Samarahan to Sadong Jaya, then Asajaya and over the new bridge to Sebangan. After that, we made a stop in Simunjan for a toilet break and lunch before heading home. We did not use the ferry service but took the other road to Semarahan and headed home from there. Overall a 5 hours outing.


Simunjan town

Most Simunjan shops have addresses below their trading names

One of the old blocks

Lunch over here

Late lunch

Kolo mee

Economy rice

The only outing that we managed to do over the school holiday.  At least we brought the kids out discovering new places in Sarawak.


suituapui said...

Kolo mee looks good! Asajaya was once named Nonok. :D

shwet said...

It really looks so good, greenery is refreshing. Glad you had good time.i love road trip.
I discover your blog and start following you, hope you follow me back. see you soon ,happy week end.
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Nancy Chan said...

I would enjoy this type of drive through the countryside! Maybe I should suggest to hubby about a countryside drive around!

PH said...

It's nice to go for outings like this. I would like to visit east Malaysia someday.

Libby said...

I like your photos of the greenery

Imemily said...

i dunno about batang sadong bridge
thanks telling this
it's such a nice exploration to the unknown places

Agnes CF Lee said...

good idea to bring the kids out to the nature, good for their eyes and mind too. hope no crocodiles in the river.

ChrisAu said...

That’s wonderful !! I love to drive around to nearby places for a short retreat. Been doing that in the past but since the kids needed to go to school on Sundays, we usually resort to staying at home.

Sharon D. said...

Short adventures like these are truly awesome. A very nice family outing, Rose.

Twilight Man said...

Thanks for sharing about this 3rd longest bridge. Do you know that Putrajaya has the most bridges in Malaysia? They are all beautiful and stylish ones too.