Friday, March 23, 2018

About them

I have not been posting much about my children's update for quite sometime. 

Life with the three is never short of excitement, joy, headaches and pains but at the same time, it is a journey of discovery and bittersweet for me. Every day is a new chapter for me and them.

The eldest has been busy with schools. UPSR is 6 months away. But her 12th birthday is next month. Asked her if she would like a birthday party, she said no. She is not into those big parties or don't want so much trouble for her special day. So maybe a little celebration at home or her favourite meal for her special day.

She loves music and still an avid reader. She likes to stay most of her time in her room, her private place where she is very protective of. I respect her privacy but sometime I do miss chatting to her. Her brothers aren't allowed into her room unless she invites them to.

The second child is a headache as he is getting rebellious at his age (8+). Smart but lazy, he has trouble in school. Average learner. So I spend more time with him, understand him and learn together with him.

However he loves to keep stuff. A young collector, I called him. He is learning to keep his room and stuff clean and tidy. Better in keeping his room cleaner compared to his sister. ;)

The youngest has finally adjust to his full day in kindergarten. No more wailing and excuses whenever I drop him off at the kindergarten compound. He enjoys his time with his friends. Academic-wise, he is learning but need a bit of pushing.

He can write his English name now. Also able to write few Chinese, English and BM words. He still enjoys doodling on papers. I let him doodle, write and draw as it is a way to express himself and encourage him to learn. More talkative and some day I couldn't get him to stop talking for a second!

Life as kid is no longer that fun as 5 years old needs to learn spelling. Not fond of it as I think kids as young as he is, should be enjoying their childhood and learn in a fun way. Education indeed not the same nowadays, unlike my time.

Ok, that's from me for now.


suituapui said...

What joy watching the kids grow but yes, once they get caught up with all the school work and what not, it is not that much fun anymore. Still, take some time off as often as you can to spend some quality time together - many parents get caught up in their own work as well and the home loses the warmth, strengthen the bond to last a lifetime.

Agnes CF Lee said...

yes..girls at this age start to need their own space, I am not sure about boy. My girl keeps her own diary in her phone and disallow me to read them..haaahaa.

PH said...

The photo pf your kids remind me of me and my two younger brothers! That's how it was, my mum had headaches too. LOL!

Nancy Chan said...

All moms have headaches and I think kids these days have their own headaches too. Very soon, all 3 will want their private space and you will have to get their permission to get into their private space!

Sharon D. said...

Yup, it was more carefree in our days.
Aaah ..these are the best years, Rose. I can't imagine how it will be when they leave for college.

Merryn said...

I can't imagine Jamie doing spelling as I cannot imagine Ayden doing it too. Not at this age.

Your kids are growing beautifully and you are doing a great job guiding them. Keep it up Rose. There will be tough days (esp when exam is near) but with your patience and guidance, you will all come out triumphant.

mun said...

Good to write down your thoughts about them for you to read later.

Twilight Man said...

Thanks for sharing about your family! It reminds me about my siblings as we also have 3 with my sister being the oldest too. My brother and sister fought a lot when they were young using brooms, mops and sticks!!! Crazy people! Ha ha ha!